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In few words Pharmaceutical Granulation

When you have an illness or pain or pain, the first port of call is to go to the medicine cabinet or first aid kit and hunt for something that will help ease your pain. The most common form of pain relief is in the form of tablets. They are small, portable, and relatively cheap and easy to buy, so it is no wonder why they are now such a common sight to see. But do you really know what’s in those little pills that seem to help much, and how the hell we’ve become so effective? The science behind the tablets is just amazing, so here is a simpler version of what these pills are about.

The part of the tablet is really attack your pain is called the active ingredient. It is in powder form and contains several drugs that are extremely harmful taken on their own. To make the consumer friendly drugs, which are mixed with inert ingredients or excipients. These other ingredients are added to the active ingredient to help different elements such as: color; shape; flavorings; binding; disintegration ability; and protection. In general, excipients help the medicine to take to the correct location without being damaged by stomach acid, and likewise, excipients protect our body against aggressive chemicals in the active ingredient. However, combining the active ingredient with the carrier is not just a case of putting all the ingredients into a mold for a tablet. The various ingredients must be tested together long before going into production. Excipients different work with different active ingredients, and some do not work with others, so that the active ingredient does not.

The future of pharmacogenomics and medicine precision

Pharmacogenomics is most simply defined as the ability to understand how different genetic variances play an important role in how people handle different agencies and degradation of drugs and medicines.

Researchers have long known through pharmacogenetic tests that genetic differences play an important role in how people metabolize drugs, and the impact it can have on the effectiveness of some medications. Different genes play an important role in how the body distributes the drug, down, processes, and ultimately, the overall effect of this drug can have on an individual.

The recent evolution of pharmacogenetics, which is the study of how drugs interact specifically with certain genes and gene expression, makes medical accuracy.

Role of Bio-Combinations in the homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is a popular form of alternative treatment is believed to be effective in curing many diseases. Although there has been much discussion with professionals and critics for and against, millions of people around the world continue to homeopathic treatment to relieve symptoms and cure diseases.

Homeopathy as a form of medical treatment was discovered in 1796 by a German chemist Samuel Hahnemann who believed that the underlying causes of many diseases that afflict humans are phenomena called ‘miasma’. His doctrine, said that homeopathy – in Greek means as homios and pathos means suffering – worked on the basis of “like cures like” where a substance that causes a particular disease in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms a person ill. Hahnemann was responsible for the rise and spread of homeopathy to other European countries; Today, this alternative form of treatment is practiced worldwide.

However, many scientific studies established indicate that homeopathy is a “pseudoscience” and no conclusive research has demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for all diseases.

The current global outbreak of Ebola: Real or Fake Flag?

You’ve seen the press reports that the current Ebola outbreak is difficult to catch, but many are now saying that this is not the case. The Ebola outbreak was made known that have spread across national borders and West Africa could become a global pandemic. People infected with Ebola have been reported ill during the trip international flights, the spread of airborne infection …

The virus can survive outside the particulate matter in a few days. For infected, there is an incubation period of 8-10 days before disease manifests: many people could be carrying the deadly disease right now in places around the world and transmission of infection?

Ebola kills the cells of the body, making them self-destruct: seizures, vomiting, internal and external bleeding are the manifestations of the infection. This occurs more or less for a period of 5 days, which leads to death. Currently, there is no known treatment.

Or … is a false flag?

We live in a world of multiple crises seriously affect the population in which it is sometimes hard to distinguish what is real from the imaginary. If fear is the only device then it really does not matter to some people in high places: There is a lot of money to make mass panic, especially when what is causing n ‘no panic.

Forget for a moment the views of the so called experts and the general consensus of the masses. What if there is another explanation for the outbreak of Ebola. Had come when disease emergencies such as SARS, avian flu or bioterrorist threats against swine flu. With all the hype of the audited and media scaremongering company, creating mass panic, some pharmaceutical companies have made huge sums of money on the treatment that was unnecessary: Nothing has ever come of these diseases, and it’s because you were deliberately exaggerated or never existed! Could this be the case of the Ebola virus? Ebola scare is a massive scam? At least then you really need more information.

Bizarre Ebola Virus Discovered As in Derna, Libya – human or natural Made?

There have been recent reports that there has been an outbreak of Ebola virus as a strain of virus in Libya along the Mediterranean coast. These days with bacteria from meat eating, Ebola hemorrhagic fever as the deadly H1N1 strain of flu, it is only a matter of time until a major outbreak eventually kill large numbers of humans. Therefore, we must be on our guard, and we have to track down anyone trying to conceive biologically any of these things to create biological weapons or pandemic.

Now, when I heard that there was a stranger like Ebola are in Derna, Libya virus my ears perked up and wondered if it was human or natural. Faced with this dilemma, it occurred to be that something is wrong with this information and image.

One problem that I have with all amateur scholar as intelligence is more than 50 insurgents of Al-Qaeda in Iraq came from the same people, and I just do not buy into the whole theory of coincidence, as some might. Occam’s Razor leads me to believe there is a connection. Tell me you’ve never read any of the books of Richard Preston, or any of the books of Bill Gertz on the proliferation of biological weapons after the fall of the USSR; ie if, where did all these scientific biological weapons will anyway – to the highest bidder, of course.

Bio-weapons and swine Ebola, influenza A lot mutation

Many are very concerned about all the biological weapons scientist who left the former Soviet Union after its collapse. Many of these people went to the highest bidder, other nations that wanted to hire a scientist weapons for his army. Many countries in the Middle East had hired these people, some have gone to China, and others are scattered around the world.

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico has been the work of a team of biological weapons. I will not go into conspiracy theories, but this scenario fits, and be just the kind of scientific thought in considering biological weapons fire a deadly biological weapon in a densely populated urban city. And, as happened a world away from the Middle East and China all sounds plausible deniable.

Of course, I’m not a thriller fiction writer and author of espionage, but there are some who believe that this is exactly what happened. But it gets worse, because pigs Ebola Philippines was discovered, which is very serious, as are attacks the respiratory system and may combine or be forced to scientifically associated with swine flu and so it spread so rapidly that they would burn himself as Ebola epidemics often do.

In an alternative view of the Ebola medical crises – “An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure”

No. 1 is caused by the Ebola virus. There is no cure because antibiotics viruses are obligate intracellular organisms. This means you do not travel in the blood and are not affected by antibiotics.

We No.2 preventive medicine taught that Moses wrote the first code for health in general. Includes quarantine and villages during the Black Death, the bubonic plague were saved in medieval times, when the quarantine was instituted. This virus so far confined to Africa. Sorry that medical officer and went and the disease was contracted, but she took the risk, we are not obliged to take them back. Let the disease in Africa.

No.3 A century ago, the best and brightest trains Battlecreek Michigan hospital where Dr. John Harvey Kellogg used alternatives. He wrote a book about four inches thick, called rational Hyrdrotherapy, and gave patients various forms of water treatment as well as reforms diet that includes bacon and eggs. They invented corn flakes and peanut butter popularized. The brother Will Kellogg, had revenues of cereals and did well with them.

Risk of virus and national security

When we talk about international terrorism, most people think in terms of attacks, kidnappings or nuclear weapons in the hands of the worst villains. In fact, they are serious, but what about the diseases and viruses? What mutation of avian flu or smallpox, Ebola or mixed with the common cold. It’s not fun and nobody wants to talk, but we also have our enemies.

So, lets talk about it? I fear that use eggs for vaccine production and if we bird flu? Well, the eggs should be used? Research has been going on in the use of E. coli, but the idea of ​​using it to make vaccines is a little scary. Apples can be used, is not as effective and look how many people are there? There are several new businesses with incredible progress that has been made in the rapid development of vaccines.

However, we see another question, as a company buys whole star anise and avian flu vaccines do too. Even if bird flu hits hard in the United States, we have no idea what the strain could become the next pandemic. Some believe that China is testing its own people in the western provinces and two daily flights on AA nonstop Vietnam to New York? I mean, everything is prepared for disaster and no one seems to understand.

High Noon in America against viral pests

Two virulent virus are horrible quickly involves large swathes of territory in a move clamps negligible. Ebola, remote jungles of West Africa, and ISIS in the desert, are ruthless killing machines with a surprisingly high rate of destruction chaos and terror in their fields constantly expanding. Side swept token resistance, wear-border invasions of sovereign states and becomes increasingly stronger as they grow.

ISIS has around 20 groups pro-ISIS countries still invaded by them, one of which is Libya amid civil war. In addition, ISIS is generously funded by revenues from oil refineries caught and kidnapping. Ebola has mutated its expansion in remote villages and towns is now about to enter the cities with high density in countries with deplorable sanitary and medical conditions that give greater force. As ISIS, once under your control, there are few survivors to tell the story.

Like Ebola, ISIS is easily exportable. Virus adhere to the victim, the Ebola virus by “blood, sweat and tears” and the ISI by propaganda. In other words, the two work attacking and capturing the “hearts and minds” Converting to protect against these two viruses is not an option -. And death and viruses can easily be dismissed. because none of them has a well-defined infrastructure. There is no vaccine to protect against Ebola virus and only a pro-Sunni ISIS can protect yourself and your family ISIS.

Avian flu can kill you and your family

We have heard a lot about pandemic bird flu coming to be here soon. The Chinese are desperately seeking a cure. He jumped from birds to pigs and can be transferred to the human respiratory system and kill humans as it jumps species and changes that viruses often do. Bird flu is real, no one has invented to scare. It has been and will continue killing people, maybe even you and your entire family. I just read a horrible book, not horrible, in the sense of poorly written, but horrible on the information I’d rather not know. I recommend this book to you if you care about your family;

“Level 4, CDC published hunters-update virus” Joseph B. McCormick, MD. Susan Fisher-Hoch and MD.

In this book, he talks about some of the disasters of hygiene in Africa that are causing the spread of unnecessary illness. The man is really necessary to find vaccines for diseases of foreign origin? Or should be a little smarter in the use of needles in medical centers that do not propagate to give them vaccines and treatments? Should we allow miners to sleep with 20 people in a room in a change, all these people go to work and another 20 in the fourth quarter to go and sleep where they were. If the common people sleep with their livestock? If sewage systems be a hole in the house with a shallow channel that runs through the middle of the street leading down the hill to a wider river channel for the removal of the house when the temperature is 120 degrees I need regular. It’s no problem? With these and many other things are explained in the book shown.