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Category Archives: Detoxification

Kidney Detoxification: Why do you need?

What’s in it for you?

In our world today, there are many toxic materials wherever you go. The water we drink, the food we eat, and even the air we breathe is never an exception. Therefore, a detox plan is required for each one of us to submit. Cleaning of the various organs of the body is called detoxification murderer. As we all know that one of the most important mechanisms for detoxification of the body is our kidney. He is responsible for filtering wastes from the blood. And through the urine, harmful substances are excreted.

Too many calories diet will trigger the risk that their kidneys clogged with grease. These fats block the passage through the kidneys to eliminate toxins. That is why we must eliminate these fats. The only way to help return to their state of health of older kidney is the detoxification of the kidneys. We must remember that a healthy kidney is the only way to help our bodies perform its functions properly.

Some herbs needed to restore the health of our kidneys

There are many herbs that can help us find the health of our kidneys. It is also necessary to revitalize the kidneys. These herbs cleanse the body and rebuild at the same time. In fact, the detoxifying herbs can be a good treatment for kidney stones.

This beautiful gravel base can actually dissolve kidney stones. Other herbs such as marshmallow root, root of turmeric, dandelion root, parsley root, lemon grass, ginger and liquorice are contributing to the revitalization of the kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands.

Knives, Poria Cocos, or grape leaf extract and help tone and strengthen the kidneys. The problem of excess water retention can also be solved by these herbs.

Wu Zi Wan is an old formula that can help China improve the kidneys. Cornus, Poria Cocos, Alisma, Rehmannia, Cuscuta, Plantago seed, Schizandra, Fructus Rubi, lycii and Berry are the herbs used in this formula. This is primarily used to detoxify the kidneys.


In summary, in addition to these herbs can be used to detoxify the kidneys, there are some other traditional methods that can be used as drinking a glass of water mixed with lemon juice and honey every morning. A healthy kidney will lead to a healthy and fit!