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Category Archives: Back pain

What treatment does a back pain clinic do?

back pain

When the back is rigid, it feels on the upper back, lower back, neck and sometimes the tailbone. All people experience this type of pain, and there may be many problems that will trigger this pain. Most of the time, the pain will disappear after a day or two, maybe even a week later.

But when the pain persists or becomes more intense, it may be time to get medical care. Most people first make an appointment with their GP. The patient will be examined, asked questions and taken x-rays.

Type headaches – migraines, tension headaches and ammunition

Headaches are defined as the discomfort associated with head or neck, which can be caused by a multitude of diseases. While any form of headache only has their own unique symptoms, many of them may overlap, so it is difficult to distinguish. Often the type of headache can not be determined when the first symptoms appear, and that a period of trial and error is needed, looking at the signs and symptoms over a period of time, and making patterns to make the correct diagnosis. This period can be frustrating for the individual, in particular headache because they have nothing else in mind, but getting rid of the headache, but it is ideal to be patient if you can receive appropriate therapy. Reading this article will help you recognize some of the signs and signals in the types of headaches that you may have, so that you can take to your doctor and develop a plan of action.

Migraines are probably the worst type of headache, as they seem to be one of the most painful. Can last from a few hours to a full day, and often the individual unable to move or speak. Migraines are known to be associated with nausea and vomiting, which can make the headache worse because it increases intracranial pressure. Many people also experience photophobia, which means they are unable to see the light, mainly because the discomfort is too intense. This often leads to isolation that these migraines are contained in a dark place, away from light, noise and movement.

Headache, migraine and student life

It is full of exam stress and life in one of many. Do you find overcoming their temples, too small for you steel lid three times or icepick-in-the-eyes-feeling?

Evenings, weekends lost week, irregular meals (and alcohol and fast food !!) are the heart of student life. They provide a physical component of the emotional stress of making the call (everyone seems to be asking you to do.)

Although headache strikes, rest, rehydration and boost slow release of glucose is what you need. Migraine or other severe headache may be the seemingly impossible. They are not – but many aspects of life get a little distorted at exam time.

1) Get something light in your stomach like bread or rice (fried rice not the Chinese take either boiled or steamed is fine.) Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water. Something cold as a fruit, a smoothie or sorbet / sherbet might be good to have on hand.

2) Replace if you can. Taking a bath in a dark room for twenty minutes does wonders.

Headaches and migraines Natural preventing

Although there are many types of migraines and headaches, by occurring are quite common and are usually easy to avoid. If they are a problem for you, try these natural methods to cure or prevent them.

First, note that doctors report that almost 90% of migraines and headaches can be caused by dehydration. What this means is that drinking water at regular intervals may be sufficient to prevent most problems. You should also try to avoid coffee, soda, and other sources of caffeine, which will make you more, not less, dehydrated.

The importance of sleep to relieve almost all types of chronic pain and should not be underestimated. Sleep is essential for peace of mind in general, and equally important for the prevention of headaches and migraines. You should get at least six hours of sleep per night, with eight hours of being ideal.

Migraine Symptoms – The Link Between Low Testosterone and Headaches Migraines

Recently in one of my nursing classes, I had a small revelation is that there is a relationship between migraine frequency and age. Our professor said people over 55 rarely experience migraines. He said this is because the incidence of migraine is related to hormones and hormonal changes. Then I remembered my time in the emergency room. I remembered that in my years there, I saw no one, man or woman, aged 55, who complained of migraines experience. So I assumed that hormones and hormone change must really be something to do with the occurrence of migraines.

Now I understand why my newspaper and my husband migraine decreased dramatically when both started using hormone creams that I produce that is Prosperon for men and women Proserpina. It makes perfect sense now. What are these creams is to increase testosterone, the male hormone in men and progesterone, a female hormone in women. Cream diminishes the hormone estrogen in both sexes. We started using the creams to balance hormones and increase our libido. We did not get the idea that this would help reduce our migraines. It was really an unexpected benefit that we are happy to get. Our first case is a part of the verification of the relationship between testosterone and migraine.

Migraine Surgery – Things You Need to Know

It may be tempting

If you’ve ever thought that migraine surgery, then I can bet that had one of those days when you thought your head was literally explode. Some of you may have a job, kids and innumerable tasks around the house, and migraine surgery may seem like a good idea for you. Well, let me tell you right now that the bad outweigh the good always in brain surgery.

A true story

I knew a person once the names of Sharon Bennett who had migraines every week. These migraines have a disturbance in his life he could not find a job or even find time for their children. One day, however, Sharon decided to take migraine surgery in an attempt to solve the problems of their migraine. The operation was a success, and has reduced the frequency of migraines monthly instead of weekly.

What you missed

This sounds like a success story, but let me say this. The problem is that involves injecting Botox into the muscles around the head, effectively paralyzing them. Although migraine surgery is an effective way to reduce the frequency of headaches, it is a very artificial and dangerous to fight migraines manner.

Chronic Migraines – Ways to prevent to prevent Happening

Chronic Headaches Migraine is just not fun at all. If you suffer from migraines, there is bad news and good news.

The bad news is that there is no cure for migraines. Despite what you’ve seen on television or heard on a radio infomercial, migraines simply can not be cured.

The good news is that in some cases you can get by (preventive treatment) or at least change its severity (abortive treatments).

Foods that may trigger migraines

The first form of preventive treatment is to cut out foods that can trigger headaches, such as those containing tyramines, nitrites or MSG.

In fact, a quarter of headache sufferers say that certain foods trigger the pain in his head. This is because many foods contain substances that can cause the release of neurotransmitters involved in the onset of headaches.

Foods tyramines

When to call the doctor about the pain of his son’s head

Most parents are aware that children headache, in fact, studies have shown that over 90% of school age get some headache children. In most cases, this is nothing to be worried, and aspirin or similar type of medication is all that is needed for treatment. However, there are times when headaches in children are more severe and it is important for parents to know when to call the doctor for childhood migraine.

What is the frequency of migraines are children?

While most parents are aware that children headaches, you may not know is that migraine in children is more common than most people think. It is estimated that between 4% and 10% of children experience migraine children, and research has shown that the approach 6% of the population has at least one migraine attack before age 15 years with many adults pains his head began to have headaches as children, with 20% reported onset before age 10 years.

Back Pain – 5 worst exercises you should never do

Did you know that some of the worst exercises for back pain are more accurate than are usually recommended by health professionals?
Most low back pain have weak abdominal muscles and are forced to do exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles.
It has been my experience to avoid certain exercises at all costs. If you want to relieve back pain, then you need to know the 5 worst exercises for lower back.
# 1: Sit-ups “I’ve never had one of my clients do a traditional sit-ups. Abs are the absolute worst years. Now, most health professionals have fled to recommend this exercise, but there are always people who do. Abs have some major problems.
First, do the exercise with your hands behind your head can develop or worsen the stress on the spine (neck). Because back pain is more typical round, you can no longer initiate movements of the trunk by engaging the abdominals. So rather than pull on the head causing stress on the cervical spine.
Second, sit-ups involving the hip flexors abs. Your hip flexors are active in these movements when you bring your knee. For example, walking down a staircase in the hip flexors lift your leg so you can put your foot in the next step.

Back pain and nursing

Most people are unaware that nursing is a profession of increased risk of back injury. However, nurses are in accordance with industry study conducted in 1998 showed that nurses have almost double the injury rate of all occupations. In fact, nursing has the second highest incidence of all types of fatal occupational accidents in the U.S.
Other studies of back injuries and back pain related to and their relationship to the physical demands of nursing are divided into two categories of nurses, nurses working in health centers and hospitals and nurses working in the community nursing homes and nurses in private law. Nurses working in hospitals has shown a lower incidence of musculoskeletal disorders and back pain as community nurses, where there is a higher prevalence of manual handling of patients.
The two main factors contributing to back injury or pain are health care professionals lift / transfer patients and beds, it is not surprising that the biggest risk of back injuries for nurses is on the orthopedic floor operating rooms and emergency rooms. The typical patient with a minimum weight of 100 pounds. Transfer patients from bed to wheelchair or desirable with one hand is a charge level that far exceeds the level considered safe for the weight of industrial workers to handle. Home-making is a simple task if done with caution also increases the risk of back injury due to the level of awkward stretching and bending involved.