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Category Archives: Autism

Potty training an autistic child

Ahh … Potty! This delightful challenge every parent faces … and can be very difficult to work best, even healthy children. So imagine how difficult things can get when you add autism into the mix. But help is at hand, and we will see some tips and techniques that you can try to make potty training easier and hopefully more successful.

1. Patience – Your # 1 Virtue

Never lose sight of the fact that it is a bit of a journey and it will not be easy. Therefore, not fully settled and I feel like a failure. You may have to try several things to find the right solution for your child. Every child is different and no one size fits all rapid and easy to clean.

2. Your child is ready?

Just because you may have read somewhere that children are ready at the age of two years, this does not mean it’s the magic age for your child. It is necessary to look for signs of good will, and could show much later than normal. For example, if there are signs that your child:

be aware that they have a wet or dirty diaper layer / – you could shoot or to remove, for example,
be able to mimic what he does – which can effectively demonstrate that sits on the toilet
respond to positive reinforcement – to give your child something they like, it is more likely to do the behavior that is being taught. (This is called “love corruption” in our house)
remained almost nightly clean and dry

Before a diagnosis of autism

A diagnosis of autism is a shock for the whole family to use – even if you know it’s a possibility. This is not what you want to hear, and secretly is waiting to hear something different. If you requested an autism diagnosis – convinced that it is wrong and can not be the explanation for your child – you are not alone. This is a very common initial reaction. And after that can come with a flood of other feelings and emotions, transforming those early days on a roller coaster.

We examine some common responses, and explore ways to reach an agreement with the diagnosis of autism.

Diagnosis Denial

You’re never quite ready for a diagnosis of autism, and – as stated above – refuses to accept that this is a very common response. Rather than face the fact that there is a problem to solve, we can blame the doctors do not understand your child, or are accused of doing something wrong.

But despite the denial is an initial defense mechanism is not useful in the long run, as it may blind you to the fact that your child needs help. So even if you do not agree first – even if the idea makes you very angry and sad – take the time to listen to the facts and review the information. Keep an open mind.

The sadness and pain

These are well known emotions people face when they receive a serious medical diagnosis. And when it comes to a diagnosis of autism for their child that seems to break the dreams they had for their children, the sadness and the pain may be overwhelming. But are normal reactions, do not give up or try to bury the pain. Try to work through this stage and really worth it if you need a good cry, and then get one. Just swallow the pain can cause more damage. Remember – you’re not depressed, you are experiencing a normal emotion and can work with him to gain acceptance.