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6 tips for a good massage Back

massage back

Perform any therapeutic massage of back and forth may require a lot of training. However, a relaxing and effective massage can still be given to anyone without proper training. There are some basic massage techniques that can help you a lot to give a good massage. Some important tips to give a good back massage are.

1. Choose a suitable and comfortable place

Using a massage table can give you the best access to the back of everyone. It is also constructed with a high level of comfort and provides proper alignment of the spine. However, there are some alternatives that you can see if there is a table available. For example, you can try using the floor, bed or sofa.

2. Pour the massage oil on the palms

You should start using a spoon, which is about the size of a coin. You can also rub your hands before applying it to a person. There are some good oils for use as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba oil.

3. Spread the oil around

The propagation technique is called oil around as fondling and that means a slight friction. You can use the sliding movements in long or even blows. Whole also use your hands and massage start moving upwards.

4. Using a technique Petrissage

A Petrissage technique is one that uses a short circular route ad applying more pressure compared to cherish. You can also think of this as a kneading technique that can be used by pressing and rolling to improve traffic deeper level material. This technique can also be used the fingertips, palm and fingers.

5. You can also use the technique of lifting muscle

To do this, you can close your fingers and keep your thumb. You must apply all the pressure in a lifting movement and torsion form. Also keep alternating hands in a movement that can be described as a wiper.

6. Apply a good quality of twists

This means you need to go back and on the side of the person. also reach about hip distance with the help of a hand on the nearest hip. With the help of a fluid motion, you can also take a hand toward you while pushing the other.

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