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5 Features That Make Up the Perfect First Aid Kit

First aid is often the most essential aid given to an individual who has suddenly fallen ill or met with an accident. Having a first aid certification is important and putting together a first aid kit is the key to providing proper first aid. It is also good to have a first aid box at home in the event of an accident to provide immediate treatment even before you can reach your health care facility.

First aid kits can be bought from a shop or you can put stuff together to make one. Make sure you include only medicines accepted by the Red Cross. If you choose to make your own kit, here are a few pointers on putting together the perfect first aid kit.

• Box: Get a good sized box, preferably plastic as it is water proof. A sturdy metal box can also do. The box should be big enough to include all the medications and supplies and must close and open easily.

• Supplies: There are certain supplies that are typical to a first aid box and must be included, such as cotton, self-adhesive bandages, medical tape, gauze, etc. Antiseptic ointments are necessary for treating burn victims. Thermometer and scissors are also standard supplies. Face masks and gloves are also needed as they are useful while treating patients specially while administering CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

• Medicines:Medicines for cold, fever, diarrhea and pain are generally most used and should be included in every first aid box. Specific medicines that are typical to your family’s your health condition must also be added. If you are a person with asthma, diabetes or hypertension, your own specific medications should be kept in stock for emergency cases. The same thing goes for other family members. And make sure that all medicines are of reliable brands and within their date of usage. Using expired medications can be very harmful.

• First aid box size: The first aid box should be big enough to include a complete inventory of necessary supplies and medicines. It is a good idea to keep a complete kit at home while having a smaller one with only major supplies to take along with you or keep in your car. If your health condition is not good, keep a pouch with your important medicines with you at all times.

• Comments:Attach a couple of pages with comments in your first aid box. The notes should include emergency contact numbers of doctors and lists of any allergies that your family members may have. It is always good to have a list of all the supplies written down.

Regularly check the contents of the first aid box to get rid of the expired medicines and put in fresh one instead. This is to avoid giving the wrong or expired medicine to a victim in emergency situations. The Red Cross recommends that you should have enough material and medicines in your box to last family members and you for a minimum of one week. Following the above pointers you can put together a perfect first aid box, customized to the health needs of your family.


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