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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to see signs that a person lacks sleep with health problems

sleep health problem

Signs of poor sleep or lack of sleep

If one does not just get enough sleep, the body ends up revealing external clues. Among the first signs of being denied sleep is the feeling of tiredness during the day.

Something surprising to some, is another indication, if you are able to lie down at night and sleep in 5 minutes or less. While some people think it is excellent, with the possibility of going to sleep so quickly. It usually indicates that you are simply not getting enough sleep or good sleep.

Some individuals otherwise experience sleepy or a condition where they experience brief bursts of sleep in a person who is active, perhaps monitoring a computer screen or even driving. These unintentional bursts are very brief, we are talking about a fraction of a second, when a lacing head or accelerates rapidly or even as much as 30 seconds at a time; However, a loss of attention, as it can be a serious security problem in certain circumstances. Your lack of sleep can cause you to feel dizzy, increasing your threat of falling asleep at your desk or driving your cars and trucks. When this effect occurs, you can often feel as if you do not know exactly what just happened, or that you were not really there for the fast time.

Many people who are deprived of sleep usually find that alcohol actually affects them more. When people are relaxed, they are more vulnerable to feeling the results of consuming more alcoholic beverages.

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Guavas


All fruits can improve the health of your body and improve your life. However, there are some fruits that are barely better than others. These fruits are generally exotic in nature and are filled with all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are not found in your daily food items. One in particular is called guava. It is like fruit, which doctors in naturopathic medicine recommend to their patients who consume.

This amazing fruit has the Myrtle family and is very tasty. You will find cultivation in South America and Central America, and even Florida. They come in different colors, including white, pink or pale green. They are round and sometimes oval shaped with edible brown seeds inside. The flavor is described in the sweet tart, depending on the maturity. Fruit is often compared to the use of strawberries and pears.

Guavas can be eaten in desserts, shakes, sauces and even salty dishes. Keep in mind that it is best to consume fresh fruit to get the maximum nutrients and benefits. You can consult a naturopathic medical doctor who learn to integrate this and other healthy foods into your daily diet.

A brief summary of the main advantages of guava fruit.

The vision of the benefits of strawberries for a better vision


As a nourishing food to enhance the view, tasty strawberries are perfect for a delicious smoothie. In addition, this red fruit filled with tons of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals is a good addition to your ideal dessert, dessert treatments. This high nutritional value food for better vision offers a range of health benefits, including improving immune health, improving brain health, protecting against cancer and lower blood pressure, to name a few – a few . Some nutritional ingredients in strawberries include vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and dietary fiber to name a few. But, did you know that this fruit rich in antioxidants is also good for eyes as well? So, here are some of the nutritional benefits of strawberries for better vision health and some of its overall health benefits:

Eye Health Benefits – This eye food consists of antioxidants, flavonoids and phytochemicals to protect the eyes. These are the ones that can decrease the pressure in the eye. From this point of view, strawberries are a good measure of nutritional prevention against glaucoma. Strawberries consists of increasing the circulation of healthy potassium to the blood vessels of the eyes and it is also important in normalizing the sound pressure in the eye.

Strengthens the immune system – Due to its richness in vitamin C it greatly increases the immune system. Rich in strawberry antioxidant properties neutralizes free radicals in the body that are detrimental to the DNA of healthy cells and thereby enhances the body’s immune system defenses against diseases. Strawberries provide 150% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C to improve the health of the immune system.

Lipstick and cosmetics: What do you know about them?

Lipstick and cosmetics

We often believe that knowing nothing about things and playing ignorant is a better way, but that’s another problem when it comes to our health. One of the latest research reports on lipstick and cosmetics confirms most of the other report results. A lot of time and effort put into research and this is the only way we can find it playing behind the screen. Know how and what to do from what we use or consume, with this knowledge that each one can make their own decision. When you read about all the ingredients and pigments used, it makes you think of the consequences and, of course, raises a red flag for many of us.

At first glance in the market. The annual revenue of the cosmetic industry “only” in the US Is almost 56 billion every year. It’s only a few to say how many cosmetics you use every day to reach an annual amount of so huge. According to this research, on average, women apply as much as 4 KG almost a 9 LB lipstick in their life and to make matters worse, they will swallow a large percentage of it. Most women paint their lips every day and freshen their most after eating; This can happen several times a day. Many of them have a large collection of lipsticks in the makeup kits to choose from to match the colors of the clothes, etc.

There are no controls or requirements

What are the causes, symptoms and prevention of eye flu?

health eye

In the smoke of the eye, the ocular conjunctiva is inflamed and suffer from redness, pain, itching, sticky discharge and burning by the average of the blood vessels. Another name for this disorder is conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis. Now let’s discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment of eye flu as follows


This type of illness caused by virus transfer in the eye by blowing nose and rubbing eyes. The virus of the fever and cold eye is the same and it is transmissible.

A wide variety of bacteria are the cause of this type of disease. This disease is caused by transmitted bacteria. It can be cured using liniment or eye drops.

The smoke from the eyes can be caused by allergy to animals or dust and disease caused by allergy particles is not transferable. If the person’s eyes are exposed to pollen from grasses and plants, then he or she is more prone to this type of disease.

Chemical products
This disease caused by chemicals is not transferable. Chlorine from swimming pools, contact lens solution, cosmetics, foreign objects, eye injuries, concentrated light, smoking and diseases (such as cancer, tuberculosis, gout and thyroid, etc.) are responsible.

Nail bio – abundant nature mother drinking

nail bio

The cloves are the chalice and petals unopened bud of Syzygium aromaticum – a tree of the family Myrtaceae. The tree is evergreen and these bouquets of aromatic flowers are available throughout the year. They were natives of the Moluccas in Indonesia in the beginning, but they are an indispensable part of many different types of cooking today.

Clove – the history is spiced:

Archaeologists have found evidence that this aromatic spice has been used in Syria before 1721 BC. In the 3rd century AD, a leader of the Han dynasty insisted that his subjects chew cloves before opening their mouths in their neighborhood.

The clove trade was so profitable that wars in the monopoly of the production and distribution of nails were delivered to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries!

It does not contain sugar, but spices and everything good:

The nutrients found in the teeth include protein and dietary fiber. Teeth are also rich in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. They are also a source of vitamins C, D, E, K, B6, B12 and contain riboflavin, niacin, thiamine and folic acid.

Is palm oil considered healthy?

palm oil considered healthy

As one of the most traded oils in the history of palm oil has come a long way. With its health benefits and delicious taste, it can be used in the daily kitchen. What makes palm oil healthy and so tasty?

It can be easily stored for long periods of time due to its low thermal conductivity. This may not necessarily be a health benefit, but you do not have to worry when you are in action for a long time.

It is made up of many nutrients that gives your body the strength it needs. Palm oil has a higher percentage of carotene found in red and orange vegetables. Our bodies treat this in vitamin A, which is needed to keep our skin healthy. Vitamin A is also used to improve eye health and vision.

Vitamin E is also found in palm oil. Tocotrienols are also known. He is best known to prevent the body from harboring unwanted toxins and chemicals. With this in mind, it can also slow down the process of lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin E keeps the heart regulated by pumping enough blood through the system. This means it improves the flow and speeds up the healing process.

Healthy bones need vitamin D

Healthy bones need vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to help the body absorb calcium, increase healthy bone and calcium levels in the blood. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in children and osteoporosis in the elderly. Many people take calcium supplements to help keep bones healthy and strong. Without a good steady supply of vitamin D, most of this calcium, with natural foods, will simply pass through your body. In addition to supporting bone health, vitamin D also supports the immune system, cell regeneration and reduces inflammation. Vitamin D also showed protective properties against colon cancer.

Many of us associate a good dose of sunshine with the best way to replenish vitamin D supplies. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, we absorb ultraviolet B radiation that the body uses to convert cholesterol to vitamin D. All You need is about ten minutes of direct exposure to the sun at noon when the sun is high for a good dose of vitamin D. excessive turbidity, long cold winter days and worries about excessive exposure of skin to lightning Ultraviolet means that we have to ensure that adequate supplies of vitamin D are in our diet. In addition, vitamin D is fat soluble, so it is important to make sure your diet includes essential fatty acids like Omega-3, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

The best sources of natural vitamin D foods are fatty fish, including salmon, shrimp, tuna, sardines and swordfish. The following are good sources of dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs. Some fortified products, especially juice and breakfast cereals, are stimulated by vitamin D. The benefit may be more than offset by the amount of sugar or wheat gluten included in these products. Please read the label carefully before choosing these products.