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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Living with ovarian cancer

Living with ovarian cancer can be very hard for a woman. Even if she gets her cancer is diagnosed early, the treatment process itself can cause complications that can make your life miserable. For example, chemotherapy is known for making people sick, while surgery carries a lot of pain. But these options provide at least matter long term survival, when used with ovarian cancer. But what about women living with ovarian cancer that has progressed to something much worse? They both complications of treatment and the fact that their chances of living a long time is not high.

That said, what is the best way to go about living with ovarian cancer? Well, first, a woman has to network with other women who are also living with ovarian cancer. These women can be found on the bulletin boards of ovarian cancer and / or support groups for cancer of the ovary. Sometimes you can contact the persons belonging to these groups as they often are in a similar situation to yours.

Second, you should consider going to clinical trials. These are research studies in which new drugs or other therapies for ovarian cancer are tested. Certainly, there is no guarantee that these things will stop her ovarian cancer, but at least gives you a way of hope. It also provides valuable research data for scientists looking to see what is going to kill cancer tumors and will not be. While treatment can not save your life, maybe your participation researchers can acquire the skills they need to develop future treatments that could save the lives of other women.

Finally, when you are living with ovarian cancer, must find a way to develop your spiritual side. This does not necessarily equate to being religious, but if you are religious, does not hurt to hold on to it longer. But with true spirituality, looking for things at a higher level than obey orders or even find “heaven”. With true spirituality searching for her existence in relation to the total universe and God. Even atheists can become more spiritual, participating in things in life that bring a sense of ethereal joy. For example, go camping and enjoy the beauty of nature is a way to increase a person’s spirituality. Embark on your own personal talents, like painting or writing is otherwise can contact their spirituality.