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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Risk of virus and national security

When we talk about international terrorism, most people think in terms of attacks, kidnappings or nuclear weapons in the hands of the worst villains. In fact, they are serious, but what about the diseases and viruses? What mutation of avian flu or smallpox, Ebola or mixed with the common cold. It’s not fun and nobody wants to talk, but we also have our enemies.

So, lets talk about it? I fear that use eggs for vaccine production and if we bird flu? Well, the eggs should be used? Research has been going on in the use of E. coli, but the idea of ​​using it to make vaccines is a little scary. Apples can be used, is not as effective and look how many people are there? There are several new businesses with incredible progress that has been made in the rapid development of vaccines.

However, we see another question, as a company buys whole star anise and avian flu vaccines do too. Even if bird flu hits hard in the United States, we have no idea what the strain could become the next pandemic. Some believe that China is testing its own people in the western provinces and two daily flights on AA nonstop Vietnam to New York? I mean, everything is prepared for disaster and no one seems to understand.

High Noon in America against viral pests

Two virulent virus are horrible quickly involves large swathes of territory in a move clamps negligible. Ebola, remote jungles of West Africa, and ISIS in the desert, are ruthless killing machines with a surprisingly high rate of destruction chaos and terror in their fields constantly expanding. Side swept token resistance, wear-border invasions of sovereign states and becomes increasingly stronger as they grow.

ISIS has around 20 groups pro-ISIS countries still invaded by them, one of which is Libya amid civil war. In addition, ISIS is generously funded by revenues from oil refineries caught and kidnapping. Ebola has mutated its expansion in remote villages and towns is now about to enter the cities with high density in countries with deplorable sanitary and medical conditions that give greater force. As ISIS, once under your control, there are few survivors to tell the story.

Like Ebola, ISIS is easily exportable. Virus adhere to the victim, the Ebola virus by “blood, sweat and tears” and the ISI by propaganda. In other words, the two work attacking and capturing the “hearts and minds” Converting to protect against these two viruses is not an option -. And death and viruses can easily be dismissed. because none of them has a well-defined infrastructure. There is no vaccine to protect against Ebola virus and only a pro-Sunni ISIS can protect yourself and your family ISIS.

Powell Dentist advises healthy teeth

Powell dentist can make all the difference between a pleasant experience and a bad one. This can affect your dental needs and prevents dental health. Many people find dentist directories or through the local dentist randomly chosen dentist. You can also choose from a list of dentist in your community to provide dental services. Although you can find a good dentist in this way, choosing a dentist should be more careful selecting your dentist at random. So how do I choose a dentist?  Powell Dentist is the right choice

Powell dentist have a good dental education and be licensed. You need to ensure that your new license. Depending on the type of dentist you are looking for, may require additional certification of doctor of dental surgery and dentistry. This brings us to another important factor when choosing a dentist. What kind of dentist you are looking for? Looking for a general dentist or if you have a specific dental problem that needs fixing? You can be a dentist or cosmetic dentist who specializes in cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are looking for.

Avian flu can kill you and your family

We have heard a lot about pandemic bird flu coming to be here soon. The Chinese are desperately seeking a cure. He jumped from birds to pigs and can be transferred to the human respiratory system and kill humans as it jumps species and changes that viruses often do. Bird flu is real, no one has invented to scare. It has been and will continue killing people, maybe even you and your entire family. I just read a horrible book, not horrible, in the sense of poorly written, but horrible on the information I’d rather not know. I recommend this book to you if you care about your family;

“Level 4, CDC published hunters-update virus” Joseph B. McCormick, MD. Susan Fisher-Hoch and MD.

In this book, he talks about some of the disasters of hygiene in Africa that are causing the spread of unnecessary illness. The man is really necessary to find vaccines for diseases of foreign origin? Or should be a little smarter in the use of needles in medical centers that do not propagate to give them vaccines and treatments? Should we allow miners to sleep with 20 people in a room in a change, all these people go to work and another 20 in the fourth quarter to go and sleep where they were. If the common people sleep with their livestock? If sewage systems be a hole in the house with a shallow channel that runs through the middle of the street leading down the hill to a wider river channel for the removal of the house when the temperature is 120 degrees I need regular. It’s no problem? With these and many other things are explained in the book shown.

Ebola outbreak: Symptoms and precautions

The Ebola virus disease (EVD), which has wreaked havoc in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia is considered “a deadly and often serious disease in humans” by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The immune system and causes bleeding inside and outside the body weakens. In fact, it even puts healthcare workers at risk if they are well protected.

Formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Ebola was reported back in 1976 in Nzara, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What causes Ebola

It is believed that the fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family living in tropical forests are the natural hosts of the EVD. This deadly virus from other infected wild animals and humans is transmitted to humans. It is transmitted to humans by direct contact with secretions, sweat, blood and other bodily fluids of infected persons EVD and several infected animals, including bats, porcupines, the chimpanzees, gorillas and sick or dead in and around tropical forest monkeys. Other forms of infection with Ebola virus is by touching contaminated needles.

Stem Cell Treatment – What do you expect

Many of those seeking stem cell treatments for themselves or a loved one do so because of illness or injury caused permanent damage of some sort. This treatment has the ability to change both the disease and its effects on the patient and the ability of the lesson the pain the patient may be experiencing.

Stem cell treatments are so popular because of the ability of these cells should “renew”. It is widely accepted that one day these treatments are so advanced that by the treatment of diseases such as cancer, disease, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson diabetes can all be cured, and a number of other ailments.

Stem cell treatments are one of the safest forms of treatment because of the ability of these cells must “renew” is this ability that gives them the ability to create tissues that can replace diseased or damaged tissues in the body to carry the risk of negative side effects and possible rejection.

Many people seeking stem cell treatments abroad, as each country has its own form of research and the various restrictions imposed on research and treatment.

Infection with Ebola virus

Infection with Ebola virus (FHE) caused by the deadly Ebola virus and still mysterious became a care in the world since its discovery in 1976 Ebola outbreaks in Africa have alarmed scientists, medical experts and government and voluntary organizations so teams have been deployed to monitor and control the situation. The main concern of this paper is to present vital information to establish the fact that infection with Ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with infected animals. Most of this article is an analysis of the nature of the Ebola virus and its transmission from animals to man contained in the first four sections. A section has also provided information on outbreaks of Ebola and where reported, in chronological order, with the CDC and WHO recent reports and fact sheets. The last two sections are designated for testing information EHF symptoms, diagnosis and laboratory. A section is also provided the latest update on infection with Ebola virus.

Type headaches – migraines, tension headaches and ammunition

Headaches are defined as the discomfort associated with head or neck, which can be caused by a multitude of diseases. While any form of headache only has their own unique symptoms, many of them may overlap, so it is difficult to distinguish. Often the type of headache can not be determined when the first symptoms appear, and that a period of trial and error is needed, looking at the signs and symptoms over a period of time, and making patterns to make the correct diagnosis. This period can be frustrating for the individual, in particular headache because they have nothing else in mind, but getting rid of the headache, but it is ideal to be patient if you can receive appropriate therapy. Reading this article will help you recognize some of the signs and signals in the types of headaches that you may have, so that you can take to your doctor and develop a plan of action.

Migraines are probably the worst type of headache, as they seem to be one of the most painful. Can last from a few hours to a full day, and often the individual unable to move or speak. Migraines are known to be associated with nausea and vomiting, which can make the headache worse because it increases intracranial pressure. Many people also experience photophobia, which means they are unable to see the light, mainly because the discomfort is too intense. This often leads to isolation that these migraines are contained in a dark place, away from light, noise and movement.

Headache, migraine and student life

It is full of exam stress and life in one of many. Do you find overcoming their temples, too small for you steel lid three times or icepick-in-the-eyes-feeling?

Evenings, weekends lost week, irregular meals (and alcohol and fast food !!) are the heart of student life. They provide a physical component of the emotional stress of making the call (everyone seems to be asking you to do.)

Although headache strikes, rest, rehydration and boost slow release of glucose is what you need. Migraine or other severe headache may be the seemingly impossible. They are not – but many aspects of life get a little distorted at exam time.

1) Get something light in your stomach like bread or rice (fried rice not the Chinese take either boiled or steamed is fine.) Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water. Something cold as a fruit, a smoothie or sorbet / sherbet might be good to have on hand.

2) Replace if you can. Taking a bath in a dark room for twenty minutes does wonders.