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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sex and type diabetes

Now let’s talk about sex and how type 2 diabetes affects your sexuality, you’re a man or a woman. Is it not as important as diet for diabetics, sugar levels in the blood and physical activity? You can not even be considered in the category of exercise?
Sexual function in men and women is incredibly complex, and as you know, involves a series of physical and emotional reactions. The addition of type 2 diabetes can do a little planning and additional adjustment is necessary. Place the first man … Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction?
Well, yes it can. It is not unusual for a man of 50 have some degree of impotence or erectile dysfunction. It is often the factor that drives people to consult your health care provider and after many other symptoms were ignored, the symptoms that help in the diagnosis of diabetes. There is an increased risk of impotence in men suffering from diabetes for many years.
Why this happens:
• As a result of damage to blood vessels, restricting blood flow needed to create an erection
• as a result of nerve damage, leading to decreased sensitivity
• diabetes medicines taken
• also took medication for issues such as hypertension or high cholesterol
Excessive drinking and smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction.
Although male sexual disorders get the most coverage, women with sexual problems related to diabetes as well. Often, women with type 2 diabetes themselves as less sex appeal, were less happy and satisfied with their sexual partner and sexual life in general.

Rife machine for detoxification

Rabies home health care these days has to do with detoxification. And for good reason! All toxins accumulate every day with just existing on our planet in its current state. We got the food we eat, air we breathe, even the water we drink. Add to that an unhealthy habit like smoking or cocktails in five and poor body is bombarded by toxins absolutely disgraceful.
The way our body naturally rid of toxins through sweat and urine. Athletes who have unhealthy habits and take a trip a few days and drink plenty of purified water can do a good job of maintaining their levels of toxins naturally. The rest of us must do something before our immune system becomes so bogged down by them which allows our bodies decompose in a weakest link – possibly unpleasant illness of some sort.
Failure to remove all the toxins that wins today, there are toxins in the morning and just build on them. Does not take much time before they accumulate at an alarming rate. This can cause serious health problems. That’s why we started to see how many detox products sold in the final of television commercials at night.
Perhaps the best way to detoxify is to use a Rife frequency machine. These devices are based on the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930’s. Showed that specific radio frequencies can safely destroy the microbes and the invasive growth of unwanted cells without affecting the body’s tissues or cell structure, and without harming the good bacteria in our system. This is because each molecule really resonates at a specific frequency, and isolate the frequencies of the toxins and bad bacteria are only affected by radio waves. That’s why an opera singer can shatter a wine glass without hurting anyone or anything around him. Dr. Rife finally isolated the 52 frequencies that could be used to destroy certain unwanted cells, such as tuberculosis and cancer.

Detoxification, waste removal and weight loss – are they related?

Proper disposal of toxic wastes from the body, is a key element in achieving successful weight loss and permanent. However, if many people start a diet program and weight loss and neglect that very important aspect of weight loss and weight control.
Detoxification and elimination of body wastes is not exactly the most pleasant topic are processes to address, but it is essential to losing weight and maintaining overall health. If you start a weight loss program and want to be part of this detoxification program you should remember that the accumulation of toxic waste in your body may have been 10, 20, 30 and 50 years to accumulate. So do not wait for the results of the detox program at night.
The elimination of toxins from the body can be uncomfortable, but it is better to have a little discomfort now having a serious illness in the future. The total elimination of all the toxicity of the body may take weeks or months and in some cases even years. But in a few days you will lose weight and feel more energetic and extremely dynamic.
Most people starting a detox program will not see him until the end. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, and discomfort, and leave the program before you have the opportunity to work.