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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Detox Foot Spa, based on the work

Royal Raymond Rife was perhaps the greatest medical scientist of the twentieth century, however, unfortunately, very few people have heard of him. He died of alcoholism in obscurity in 1971. Royal Rife was the inventor of the “dark field microscope,” and he did in the 1920’s. His “Universal Microscope”, magnified objects 60,000 times, and this became the first man in history to see a live virus. Ironically most of today’s scientists with powerful electron microscopes have shown dead bio-organisms, because the electric field of computer viruses are removed. Rife, a brilliant inventor was the “father of electronic medicine” that was used successfully to treat cancer patients in his clinic in San Diego in the suggested 1930s.He cancer is a virus and was able to facilitate healing to eliminate the virus with an electronic frequency generator.
Aqua Detox treatment is based on materials developed by Royal Raymond Rife in the golden age in 1930. However, it has been updated to reflect new technology, naturopath and homeopath Mary Staggs. Rife found, as we see today with increasing frequency, such as toxins from the body by the storm, and it seems that the number of these are increasing at an alarming rate. These poisons can not be effectively removed, as they build that cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the cells. This prevents the accumulation of nutrient absorption and efficient disposal of waste. Dr. F. Iran Batmanghelidj in his book: “A lot of screaming from your body with water,” says the problem is exacerbated because most people drink very little water so dehydration and toxicity are the cause. most profound failure and degenerative diseases that are prevalent today.
“The Aqua Detox” foot care spa requires feet to be placed in a solution of salt water which is an environment in which to produce an electrical charge. The legs are selected because they contain more than 2,000 pores. They are the end point of the lymphatic system and remember all the blood passes through the legs long enough. In more complex cases of “Aqua Detox” equipment, consisting of two spiral electrodes can also be introduced into a bath. The electrodes produce a charge that resonates throughout the body, which balances the cells, and at the same time, facilitates the release of toxins.

Kidney Detoxification: Why do you need?

What’s in it for you?

In our world today, there are many toxic materials wherever you go. The water we drink, the food we eat, and even the air we breathe is never an exception. Therefore, a detox plan is required for each one of us to submit. Cleaning of the various organs of the body is called detoxification murderer. As we all know that one of the most important mechanisms for detoxification of the body is our kidney. He is responsible for filtering wastes from the blood. And through the urine, harmful substances are excreted.

Too many calories diet will trigger the risk that their kidneys clogged with grease. These fats block the passage through the kidneys to eliminate toxins. That is why we must eliminate these fats. The only way to help return to their state of health of older kidney is the detoxification of the kidneys. We must remember that a healthy kidney is the only way to help our bodies perform its functions properly.

Some herbs needed to restore the health of our kidneys

There are many herbs that can help us find the health of our kidneys. It is also necessary to revitalize the kidneys. These herbs cleanse the body and rebuild at the same time. In fact, the detoxifying herbs can be a good treatment for kidney stones.

This beautiful gravel base can actually dissolve kidney stones. Other herbs such as marshmallow root, root of turmeric, dandelion root, parsley root, lemon grass, ginger and liquorice are contributing to the revitalization of the kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands.

Knives, Poria Cocos, or grape leaf extract and help tone and strengthen the kidneys. The problem of excess water retention can also be solved by these herbs.

Wu Zi Wan is an old formula that can help China improve the kidneys. Cornus, Poria Cocos, Alisma, Rehmannia, Cuscuta, Plantago seed, Schizandra, Fructus Rubi, lycii and Berry are the herbs used in this formula. This is primarily used to detoxify the kidneys.


In summary, in addition to these herbs can be used to detoxify the kidneys, there are some other traditional methods that can be used as drinking a glass of water mixed with lemon juice and honey every morning. A healthy kidney will lead to a healthy and fit!

The dental hygiene awareness

Ironically, the month of Halloween, a festival that usually about candy, is also the Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM). October marks of several events in Dental Hygiene to be held throughout the country. This annual collaboration began to help raise awareness in oral health preventive care and educate the public about the important objectives for dental hygienists work and its role in preventive care. Its impact extends far to the creator of Orbit gum and many others, WM. Wrigley Jr. Company, has joined forces with the American Association of Dental Hygienists (ADHA) to NDHM this year. Together they are the projection of the dental health of the nation.

To help you review oral hygiene, the ADHA offers some simple tips to keep your mouth clean and happy

Twice a day for at least two minutes brushing
Flossing every day
Rinse mouthwash Journal

Also, the ADHA recommends chewing sugarless gum after meals to aid in the prevention of tartar. The campaign theme this year is just as easy. The motto of the ADHA is: “It’s simple healthy habits for a healthy smile ..” The organization boasts that the events of this year will exceed last year’s Month National Dental Hygiene focusing on the issues in depth and awareness of oral disease and prevention. The collaboration also includes education about the importance of dental hygiene in the fight against oral disease and its contribution to the key techniques in oral hygiene.

Does it matter what age? Set your vision of LASIK eye surgery

It is true that LASIK can eliminate the dependency of a person with glasses and contact lenses. You can correct a range of refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. However, LASIK is not for everyone. There are certain conditions that prevent LASIK in the case of a patient. Age is a factor taken into account in determining whether a patient is a viable candidate for LASIK surgery or not.
It is a known fact that people experience a constant change in vision during adolescence and even into the mid-20s. That is, the refraction stabilizes typically at age 18. For people with myopia, the reference point is mid to late 20’s. LASIK before that age is nothing but a vain attempt to improve visual acuity, and yet the patient will need another surgery when the prescription stabilizes.
A preoperative examination performed before the age of 18 could lead to measurement errors and, therefore, an appropriate correction for LASIK. Patients with a higher degree of myopia or astigmatism should defer the query a bit more than others – usually up to age 21 or older. In essence, you need a stable prescription for at least two years, and only then you should plan to undergo LASIK surgery. If you want to go for custom LASIK, the minimum age is the same as for conventional LASIK.
There is no age limit for LASIK surgery. Even a year 50 or 60 old people can opt for LASIK surgery. The fact is that LASIK can very well correct the refractive error of a myopic patient at any stage of the life of the patient, provided that the patient’s eyes are healthy. That, LASIK provides a clear distance to any person, regardless of age. However, age-related deterioration in vision may occur. For example, almost everyone suffers from presbyopia (or short arm syndrome) beyond the age of 40 years. Presbyopia entails the loss of accommodation power of the lens. Therefore, people often need reading glasses after age 40.
If you find a LASIK surgeon that you are sure you can find more information about LASIK laser eye surgery.

All the apple of my eye doctors

Optometrists and ophthalmologists, how do they differ? What are the features that make the maintenance and proper vision correction? Most people are very confused about the difference between optometrists and ophthalmologists. Are you confused too? Read more and learn the difference between these eye doctors.

In fact, two ophthalmologists treat vision problems that prevent people and things right. Both are dressed in lab and know more than us in terms of our eyes. Who is who in reality? Ophthalmologists are physicians who specialize in eye care and surgical care of the eyes and prevent eye problems that occur. They ended a four-year pre-medical and continued for another four years of medical school. Since then, they go on probation for one year and three-year study for specialization.

Optometrists are other providers of eye care to examine, diagnose and treat eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, cataracts and retinal disease. In addition, they are also essays on the patient’s eye and her ability to focus their eyes see the colors and the correct depth. They are also responsible for prescribing contact lenses and glasses to those in need.

In most cases, the eye is the eye specialist training in Indianapolis is permitted and authorized to make eye problems in surgical patients. They can provide eye care to patients in total, unlike optometrists can perform limited the patient’s eyes.

With this information in hand, you should know where to go when you have eye problems. In general, if you will need eye surgery, it is best to find the ophthalmologists. They are trained ophthalmologist Indianapolis that can give you the right to examination, diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, if you have eye problems as minor, just go to an optometrist may also perform diagnostic tests and eyes.

Although there is a big difference in terms of skills, training and practice between ophthalmologists and optometrists, ophthalmologists Indianapolis two work hand in hand to give people the best view you might have. With them, you can be sure that their eye problems will be resolved soon.

Baseball Hitting T innovative vision – Eye To Hit consistent Train Baseball

One of the most important things baseball players can not do is train your eyes to see a play baseball. Your eyes, head, hands, feet and hips are the keys to hit a baseball consistently. I’ll start with the eyes first, because if you train your eyes to see and recognize the strike is made easier. If you look at the major league hitters, you’ll see they all have very little head movement. Why? For when the head is still your eyes can focus and see the ball better, but when the head is moving its eyes can not see the ball as clear and the ball looks like it’s a real thing is not to maintain head as still as possible is so important.
Which brings me in your hands so you can see the ball clearly your hands follow your eyes on the point of contact with the baseball bat. But if you can not see it you will never be able to hit him. The front foot should be on the floor all the way into a position close before the ball reaches the hitting zone. Make the mixture gave If your front foot lands on the floor pointing to the third baseman or the pitcher of the hip have opened soon take its power before you start your swing and the same is true for a left-handed hitter.
Improve your swing and mechanical shock, so you can compete at any level of baseball or softball. Baseball players and softball should train their eyes to see a baseball coming towards them so they can prepare for a mile straight from 80 to 95 per hour.

Eyes and Vision

Most vision problems are caused by vitamin deficiencies. These are the nutrients that your body is lacking and according to what your body will result in missing any part of your body to suffer. With respect to vitamin A vision is the most powerful nutrient that helps to restore the eye muscles and improve vision.
Ameriplan, an organization of 16 years, providing services to offer health care plans like Ameriplan vision benefit plan that provides immediate savings when you become a member of Ameriplan. Ameriplan vision benefit program does not understand the paperwork and a member can get a discount up to 60% of his vision of salaries.
No doubt you want to keep your eyes on the best conditions. You need vision to drive a car, reading books, studying, working, etc, and now with the advent of computers and the Internet, your eyes are more important than ever.
But good “vision” also plays an important role in achieving your goal. The eyes are the symbol of corporate identity. visual impairment is one of the most feared disabilities United States. The number of people suffering from vision loss is increasing. Statistics show that cases of visual impairment and costs incurred for treatment of double vision in the coming days.

New LASEK laser eye surgery offers maximum security and Vision

LASEK eye surgery is a laser procedure to correct refractive errors. Is a hybrid of LASIK and PRK, the two most commonly performed corrective eye surgery laser. Is introduced with the hope to minimize complications and maximize the benefits of laser eye surgery. That is why is safe and effective.
The process of conventional LASIK and LASEK has led to the creation of an epithelial flap and the flap is connected back to the cornea after laser is applied to the cornea. The difference between these two is how to create the flap. LASEK surgery depends on a weak alcohol solution to form a thin epithelial flap. Whereas LASIK uses a microkeratome or a type of blade to cut through the cornea, leading to a flap thickness and therefore cause more complications. With a thin flap, LASEK has reduced some of the complications of LASIK flap, but unfortunately not completely eliminate them.
LASEK laser eye surgery, which in turn, is similar to the previous version, but just skips the part where the flap is repositioned in the eye. This new practice is safer because it requires no cutting and no flap procedure. Therefore, the components related complications are eliminated. It can safely treat patients is not a good candidate for LASIK. This includes patients with large pupils, thin corneas, astigmatism flat, irregular, and the chances of developing dry eye.

The Americans wear glasses and designer eye wear for vision correction Style

You’d be surprised what a large percentage of U.S. population wears glasses. Every day, people use your glasses for daily activities that would be impossible without them. The advantages and uses are endless glasses, but we focus on some of the most important. As noted above, the glasses allow people with low vision to lead his life in a way that is not interrupted and more convenient. As a crutch for someone who has difficulty walking, or a hearing aid for those with hearing problems, prescription glasses can help you live a normal life.
People recognized for decades that the glasses are the perfect solution to poor vision. Improvements in the area is taken regularly to ensure that, at this point, optometrists have almost perfected the art of finding the glasses that suit you. Since people tend to suffer from various eye problems, various types of lenses that exist to mediate the issue. For example, certain glasses are suitable for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Based on the nature of the eye, the ophthalmologist treating patients with either convex or concave lenses. The curvature of the lens enables the user’s eyes to adjust properly, so that the glasses will give the person 20/20 vision.
Other types of glasses are for reading. That means that the person is usually able to function without the use of glasses every day, but their struggle to make sense of the word in lowercase on a page. To this end, an ophthalmologist Goodwill diagnose the problem immediately so that the patient can continue to enjoy reading the newspaper or the study of his books. In the case of reading glasses, there are two types. The first is a style of reading comprehension, and is used for those who have trouble reading, but you can see great distances and others.

Safe Procedures in Getting Lasik

Lasik vision correction might make a better solution to end your short sighted problem than getting contact lenses. Visual aid is a good relief to end short sighted problem but when there is a better and safer procedure that can end short sighted problem for goo, why you not go for it? There are now many eyes surgery clinic that can give you easy and safe procedure of lasik operation to end your vision problem. With no vision aid you will be able to enjoy the world better and in ease.

To start lasik procedure, the surgeon will first of all make sure that you are in a fit condition to perform surgery; your eyes are healthy, your blood pressure is normal, and you are in no depression state and any other psychological problem. Then the procedure will continue on the operation techniques. You are required to undergo a lasik surgery which takes for couple of hours. Your cornea will be operated in order to cut the tissue in it which causes your vision problem. The overall procedure is done after you receive antiseptic and numbness solution. You will be required to stay in the clinic for a night in order to recover under the supervision of the doctor.