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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Boomers are looking alternative medicine

According to a recent study conducted at Ohio State University, about 70 percent of the market 50 Plus uses alternative medicines. Funded by the National Institute on Aging, Professor Gong-Hong Soog conducted a survey that included about 900 participants aged 50 years or older. 65 percent of older people say they are in poor health reported using some form of alternative medicine that considered preventive or curative – a higher percentage than any other group.

Boomers are looking for other ways to relieve symptoms such as chronic pain and arthritis, and the use of alternative therapies and preventive medicine. Chiropractic care tops the list with a whopping 43% of respondents, while the acupuncture came to the end.

Last fall, another survey of baby boomers conducted by Sorelli B, a national research firm. This study demonstrated that the inclusion of more than a third of respondents said that chiropractic care prevent the need for medication and physical therapy. Respondents also felt that chiropractic care helped them avoid back surgery and hospital stays long exhausting. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said they would be willing to ask their insurance companies to include chiropractic as a component of its health system, even if they were willing to pay for these services out of pocket.

A Beginners Guide to medicines herbal

Herbal medicine is a cost effective way to treat health problems instead of modern medical treatment. Medical experts and researchers agree that the healing properties of plants and animals are known for the treatment of common diseases, as well as a form of treatment for the most important, as the tumor, cancer, diabetes, and so on.

But to use the power of herbal medicine as an alternative remedy, it is best to pursue the subject and find out what about them.

History of Herbal Medicine

The root of the herbal medicine from our earliest ancestors. Without the convenience of modern technology and the latest medical research, our early ancestors were the first to use the healing powers of plants and animals. Even without the scientific knowledge of chemicals and compounds found in plants that have somehow used its healing properties.

An introduction to healing herbal and medicinal plants

The art of using herbs and plants to treat disease called healing herbal or medicinal plants. The herbal cure is not intended as a cure for any disease, but acts as a complementary therapy to help and encourage the body to heal itself through homeostasis.

Homeostasis occurs when the body is in a state where toxins are removed and the organs and body systems are stimulated or calmed down naturally by the body’s self-healing system.

The herbal healing that is practiced all over the world and saves only the use of medicinal plants goes back thousands and thousands of years. Many of these records come from outside China, Egypt and Greece, the birthplace of Hippocrates himself, known as the “father of medicine” and the man would have said “Let food be your medicine!”

Herbal and fought for generations to contribute really recognized and valued for the treatment of conditions, diseases and illnesses against enemies traditional Western medicine.

Integrative medicine programs in the United States

Therapies mind, body and spirit, not only are all the rage in the health of a matter of fact, there are several healing arts schools and colleges classics that have begun offering integrative medicine programs to meet the demand of the natural and holistic medicine .

Today, there are many integrative medicine programs that individuals can choose to enroll. Botanical medicine (also known as herbal medicine) is an excellent option for professionals who wish to expand further, non-invasive treatments and holistic health. Nurse practitioners, physicians and other health care providers herbal enrolling in increasing inclusive programs for education and training in the history of medicine and nutritional counseling botanical pharmacy herbal, dose and formulation; pathology in connection with botanical medicine, safety and toxicity of herbs and related studies.

Many family physicians found that physicians integrative medicine programs are a great way to help and heal. Therefore, some universities have joined with replacement schools and accredited complementary medicine to provide a growing number of healing arts courses. Regular studies offered in these programs include integrative medicine mind-body medicine, energy healing therapies, holistic nutrition, massage therapy, herbal therapy and aromatherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, spiritual counseling and environmental medicine, among others.

Family Dental Care – The benefits of good oral health habits early learning

When children learn good dental habits from an early age, children tend to maintain these habits into adulthood. Therefore, teach your child good oral health habits now can mean a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Babies and children

At birth, a child’s first set of teeth are usually still under the gum, but they are almost fully formed. These teeth are important, because when they go out, let your baby chew food, speak properly and smile at an early age. These first teeth are important because they hold space for permanent teeth possible.

Here are some to take care of the teeth suggest first of the baby.

Start with a damp cloth to wipe the baby’s teeth carefully every day. As more teeth emerge and grow, you can change soft toothbrush for a child.
Do not use toothpaste with children under two years. Instead, use warm water and a soft brush. Smile, be friendly, and use their imagination to make the experience positive. It’s never too early to establish good oral health habits.
The main reason for tooth decay in young children allows the child to fall asleep with a bottle. This causes the fluid in the teeth after the child goes to sleep, causing cavities.
Give older children low-sugar snacks. Avoid sticky candies. As your children grow, teach them to brush their teeth properly and bring them to the dentist regularly.

Sporting Goods medicine can be an excellent resource

The field of sports medicine has become important in recent years. With the advent and growing mass of athletes in competitive sports, it has become almost as important as physical training and others.

This influx of sports medicine services gateway has also opened a wealth of information on the subject. Those interested in learning more about this branch of medicine now have a number of options to do this, go directly from the resources available in the printed product, Internet and private physicians.


There is a wealth of expertise in the subject through a series of articles in sports medicine journals and other publications. These publications provide a deep understanding of the various aspects and also guide the reader useful and accurate decisions. These items include a well structured information, which carries the latest updates and news related to this area more.