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Monthly Archives: December 2012

How holistic medicine differs from traditional medicine?

Holistic and traditional medicine at a time in order to provide optimal health services, keeping your body functioning at its highest level. However, both have different approaches to treating the disease. Traditional medicine uses modern health sciences, the latest scientific research and the different surgical options to treat various health problems. Thus, holistic medicine prevents, improves and addresses a variety of health problems with various alternative effective treatment options. In this paper, we will describe how the two treatments differ.

How holistic medicine?

It is the method of treating the whole body can cope with the emotional, the person mentally, spiritually and physically. Includes chiropractic massage, acupuncture, therapeutic exercises and manual integration various therapies that improve healing system and help the body achieve normal body functions and movements. A holistic practitioner will make a detailed assessment of the patient, provide an alternative treatment plan to help patients address the specific condition and promoting the welfare of all meaning.

Methodology of Traditional Medicine

Breathing through the mouth and dental health

Breathing is something we do automatically to stay alive and what most of us do not think twice. It’s perfectly natural to breathe through the mouth of terms such as running or lifting heavy objects, however, if mouth breathing is normal, then it can lead to many health problems. These problems can be particularly severe for children as mouth breathing may affect the long-term development of the face and jaw.

So why breathing through the mouth?

Normal breathing is when breathing through the nose and mouth closed. The most obvious reason for someone to be a mouth breather is you can not get enough air through the nose. The most common reasons for blocking the nostrils are:

Allergies – that can cause polyps or inflammation of the nasal mucosa
Enlarged tonsils or adenoids
The deviated nasal septum
Respiratory infections – colds and flu

Professional Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Rama is orthopedic surgery and healing the wounds caused by acute trauma or overuse disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Musculoskeletal disorders include arthritis, trauma and congenital deformities. Orthopaedic surgeons apply the treatment of both surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

Orthpedics has a strong correlation with sports medicine. Sports Medicine Orthpedics surgically corrects injury, disease or disorder induced by participation in sports.

In conventional medicine, surgery is the last resort, if all else fails to treat the disease. But recently, surgery has become more popular, especially for sports injuries, orthopedic sports medicine, as demonstrated in obtaining quick results in the cure of diseases related to sports.

Sports Medicine surgical among the nine sub-specialties in orthopedic surgery and as such is very important in the medical field.

About the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM)

Wonder drugs – Consumers Beware

There is nothing more important than protecting our health, we catch up on the latest drugs and vitamin products and ensure the supply of quality drugs. But in these times, it is easy to carry by false promises of miracle drugs that improve the health of pills and medicines panacea. The trouble is that these drugs are not cheap and the worst is that these drugs have potential health risks.

There are thousands of people who are victims, looking to improve their health, when in fact they are being uprooted from their money when they fall prey to the whims of health. Protect your money and care!

1. Do not believe the ads – no matter how promising and convincing endorsement is, without falling into the trap. Ads highlight the strengths, minimize weaknesses and limitations, or dilute the negative side effects.

There are dozens of commercials that advertise diet pills, slim body showing men and women on the screen, silly to think that when you take the product you want. You may think this is ridiculous, but these points are designed to work on a subtle level.Many consumers place orders online and by phone after seeing a well known celebrity endorsed product. Imagine how sales will skyrocket if Bruce Willis announced healthy muscle enhancement pills? Companies love with famous stars, and with just a few lines and smiles of Hollywood, you can rake the cash in. The best thing you can do is stop taking anything at face value and holding command until studied the product more.

Surviving prostate cancer increased with the latest drugs

The prostate cancer survival are greater if you take the time to precautionary measures and prevention. This is a practical fact that regular testing can help detect the disease early and your doctor can be completely cured with the help of the most modern treatment methods available today.

However, if you have neglected your health and did not take preventive measures for this disease, then you also have a chance of surviving prostate cancer, whether the disease has not spread outside the prostate. This does not mean that patients have the third or fourth stage of cancer have no chance of survival. Quick action and the latest drugs helps to increase its life.

However, late detection allows cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body develops other problems, it becomes deadly. In addition, the age factor also plays an important role in deciding the type of treatment your doctor will choose, in consultation with members of his family.

In fact, observations suggest that most people who have this disease do not come to an end due to illness, but died from health problems or natural death due to age. Therefore, we can conclude that this is not a fatal disease, but if anyone has contacted the rarer phase of this disease, which is the terminal stage, then the case can be different.

Skin Care Winter

The effect of seasonal weather changes, especially during the winter months, may have important consequences on the skin. Facial skin ravaged by exposure to the elements can exhibit symptoms of dryness, flaking, itching and even sore, scaly. Taking a proactive approach to skin care during these months will help you avoid the worst consequences of winter can have on your skin.

First, your best defense for skin care in winter protection!

Even during the winter months, it is imperative to continue to apply SPF 15 or higher sunscreen outside. Even if you think the sun’s effects are diminished during the winter months, nothing could be further from the truth. The reflection of sunlight on snow and ice can be particularly harmful. The use of a scarf that can easily be raised to protect the cheeks and lower face is also a useful preventive measure to limit skin exposure to the elements.

Although it may seem contradictory benefits greatly from dry skin exfoliation to remove epithelial cells of the skin, smoothing the surface of the skin and promote cell rejuvenation. If you choose to use a chemical exfoliant such as AHA product like glycolic acid or mechanical means, such as a facial scrub, including means of exfoliation into your routine at least a couple of times a week can dramatically improve dry skin. And for God’s sake, do not use any soap or astringent. Do not dry the skin. Instead, try using a super rich cleanser such as one with a soy ingredient or oatmeal to give your skin a conditioning treatment such as cleaning.

The maintenance of moisture in the skin during the winter months is also essential.

The skin is typically well hydrated after a warm shower or steam to the face. Immediately hold moisture with a rich emollient cream. Moisturizers to keep skin conditioning while providing protection against the serious consequences of the cold. The drier the skin becomes, the more frequently a moisturizer should be applied.

To address these very dry, scaly patches that may develop, use a petroleum-based product in the affected areas before bed. Believe it or not, good old Vaseline does wonders for the rebels dry, cracked and scaly skin. Unfortunately, most people cringe at the idea of ​​using Vaseline on the face, thinking that will clog the pores, and generally have a negative effect on the skin. In a word, false! Vaseline and similar petroleum products provide protection, isolation barrier of the skin in cold and windy days when applied as a thin layer on the face and lips.

Finally, for those irritating patches of skin that persistently plague despite their efforts, a cream prescription of antibiotics has significant therapeutic effects on skin that is cracked and painful. For very dry spots, flaking and itching of hydrocortisone cream OTC can provide relief from itching and reduce symptoms dry, flaky skin.

Please note that if your condition persists, it is best to consult a doctor to find the best remedy for skin disease.

Glowing skin from the inside out for

Glowing skin is clean, free of grains and imperfections, and shows no damage indicators such as premature wrinkles and lines Sun He has a clear drop of dew seems to be the skin of the face of a child. Then, of course, he has this red or glow that emanates from within. Glowing skin is shiny with a light to a relatively clear oil.

The first step to radiant skin is clean skin. Our skin is composed of a series of layers which in turn clogs the pores, as a result of relief in many more aspects of the environment and could lead to defects, pigmentation and premature aging. Steaming the skin once a week helps to unblock pores and lets the skin breathe. A facial sauna can be purchased at pharmacies, however, for those who cannot get so easily you can steam your face over a pot of boiling water for five to ten minutes. A few drops of lavender or rosemary in the water acts as an air conditioner ideal for normal skin. Mint or lemon can be used for oily skin and dry you can add chamomile. Steaming loosens and frees the pores of the skin, releasing the soil layers deeper than the skin. An exfoliating cleanser should be used to purify these particles away dead cells and different. A firming mask hydrate and then seal the pores to protect your skin and give you that healthy glow. Steaming the skin several times (but not more than once per week) can help you get that glowing skin all women love.

For glowing skin is right after, you could arrange a face routine. Remember vapor and meet weekly with either a mask or a scrub. Then be sure to clean the face with a light cleanser in the morning and at night before going to bed. A great trick that can provide help to get glowing skin is the massage of the skin every time you wash. Use gentle, circular motions for a minute or two. Be sure to apply a cream face to face at night before going to bed. In the morning, you may want to track cleaning and washing the face massage. Before applying makeup, be sure to use a cream or lotion, face to face. There are all sorts there, and even oily skin like a lotion not fat.

Remember that if you’re healthy skin will show it. It is very important to keep skin hydrated glass of water charges for each day. How to get enough sleep may also help. Eat nutritious meals and avoid excessive amounts of processed foods that are in poor health and subsequently have a negative impact on your skin. On the other hand try to improve the consumption of healthy foods is as fruits and vegetables and also keep in mind to work regularly. Daylight robust Advertising also tends to age your skin prematurely, so investing in a great sun block before venturing into the sun. Meditation has also proved an excellent way to get rid of stress is also known that the conflicting results on the skin. By developing a healthy and stress free, you can be assured of a healthy skin and brilliant physicist for life!

The six key factors for effective routine treatment skin care acne

All acne sufferers should establish a routine of skin care with the treatment of acne. The products you choose should be carefully selected to complement your treatment, especially because it can have a profound effect on the overall condition of your acne. So many acne products today have harsh chemicals that, when combined with toners wash or acne problems may get worse.
Try to keep your care routine as simple as possible. This is especially important if you are already in the creams prescribed by your doctor, because of the likelihood that they will make your skin red and flaky. Here are some simple skin care, you should follow to maximize their ability to fight acne:
1. Look for oil-free products that do not block other pores of your skin.
2. If your skin is dry and flaky from the application of creams for acne, try to find an oil free moisturizer, and apply as often as your skin needs. Because these oils do not contain moisturizers, do not retain moisture as well as their counterparts that contain oil.
3. If you use a soap-free cleanser, make sure it is “balanced” around pH 5.5. Try and select one that applies, foam and rinse. This type of cleaner that will not strip skin of natural oils that are present and necessary for healthy skin.
4. When you do wash your face with warm water, never hot water. Always finish by gently patting the skin dry, rather than wash and wipe dry.