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Monthly Archives: November 2012

How to achieve and maintain a youthful,and healthy

Did you know that you have the power to make your skin look beautiful and healthy and dynamic? Yes, you can also prevent skin damage and premature aging. Just make things simple, but important to achieve this objective, therefore, this article gives you some tips on skin care to help youth achieve and maintain healthy skin.

External factors significantly contribute to skin damage and aging. So if you know of these factors and do everything possible to fight them, then it would be on track to build a solid foundation for a vibrant and beautiful skin.

5 essential tips for achieving and maintaining youthful skin

1. Cleaning – We come into contact with pollution, dust and dirt every day, these impurities join our skin. Therefore, it is important to clean your face with soap and warm water every night before bed to remove these impurities and unclog pores clogged pores lead to opaque and dull skin to research is also vulnerable to premature aging.

2. Chlorinated hot water – chlorine oxidation causes and warmer water, the greater the chemical reaction rate, leading to further damage the skin. So if you want to keep kids healthy skin, avoid swimming in warm water, especially when the water contains high levels of chlorine, hot water is always preferable.

3. Makeup – If you want to have healthy young skin, be sure to remove your makeup before bed, leaving the makeup clog pores and make skin age faster.

4. The position of sleep – Sleep better in the back, gravity pulls the skin down as you sit or walk for the day, even sleeping on your back breaks the force of gravity to reduce the sag or fall out. Sleeping with your face in the pillow also increase your risk of developing faster lines and wrinkles, but also could lead to puffy eyes.

5. Products Skin Care – Stay away from chemicals and the use of quality natural organic products, compare brands that contain ingredients such as seaweed rejuvenation of the skin, almond oil, butter Capuacu, OP Crodamol bio-active keratin and honey. Helps protect your skin against environmental damage and to revive younger and more beautiful.

Having beautiful skin dynamics should not cost much money, just have to be committed to make these things simple, but important, and probably get the desired result.

Want beautiful skin? Try herbal

Skin Care with natural herbs has been the choice of beautiful women in the world for thousands of years. It was not until recently that cosmetic companies have formulated makeup and skin care that contain chemicals and artificial additives to improve the systems natural herbal skin care they have been for centuries.
But many women today have realized that these chemicals and artificial ingredients that are so expensive is not necessarily good for the skin – in fact, in some cases can cause dryness and peeling skin’s natural pH balance and interfere with repair process of the skin’s natural body. That’s why so many people have returned to the routines natural herbal skin care based on some of the same key ingredients that could have been used by legendary beauties like Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette.
Some basic beauty secrets of the ages – from natural ingredients for skin care herbal include essential oils, rose water, almonds, sea salt, rice powder, shea butter and water purified are common. These ingredients are good for skin that rarely are allergies to them. These natural ingredients can help moisturize dry skin and contains cooling plants to promote healing of the defects and a comprehensive care plan. The benefits include reduction of the aging process and help diminish fine lines and crow’s feet.
Skin Care with natural herbs can be the answer if you have sensitive skin and prone to rashes and / or fugitives. Many people do not realize that sometimes outbreaks of spots or rashes may mean that your skin is irritated by the many chemicals in soaps, cleansers, astringents and other products for the skin is exposed to every day. Add to the list of many dyes, chemicals and preservatives in your makeup and it is a virtual assault on your delicate skin.

Pure vegetable and vitamin topical solutions for young skin

In the rush of today’s busy world, stressful and sometimes the rats, women and men get older before their year. The next time you reach for a cigarette, trying to reach for his plan to skin care in place. Not only complies with the hand to deal with self-reflection, but responds well to your oral fixations. You will be much happier and probably more expensive kiss! My review # 1 coconut oil! Smooth skin for a cleaning!


Scientists believe that we can all prevent disease and aging, addressing the questions (or tissue) at the cellular level. Seriously, these guys know what they are talking. They really know more than anyone on this planet. It’s your life … scientific research. Day after day. Number of hours, months and years are spent in their laboratories. What they find more and report their findings are the need to focus on health, wellness and prevention (avoiding all the expenses) and win the fight degenerative diseases. Simply, they know the answers to fight and destroy “free radicals” (from damaging cells) that we face daily.

No matter what you do or not, obtained. Freebies dammit! Scientific research has shown that antioxidants are very effective and powerful tool of our current system of beauty. As we age our metabolism slower and what our renewal of healthy cells. Old and dead skin cells grow slowly. Vitamins and nutrients become vital needs. See vitamin C in the skin of many beauty products on the market today. namely Lancome’Paris. The makeup of France is one of the first to add vitamin C to their product lines and famous brands. True knowledge of the products.

Enriched with pure plant extracts:

Everyone wants a life full of enrichment. Home enrich your life today. In short, facing your daily life? His face. So take care of it. Now. Or at any age they are. It is never too late. Plant flowers, leaves and olive oils pure plant extracts when combined with antioxidants to the skin is purely refined.

Scrub Sponge Gloves:

Imagine your most embarrassing teenage acne years and still hanging in adulthood? Yikes! You should try these gloves. They are softer on the skin, then the spa (rough and ready) and versions that you can do at home every night. Loofah gloves are designed with a special mesh material that grooves and gets into all the different cells of facial wrinkles and remove dead cells and rejuvenates the skin like new. Acne kiss goodbye forever.

Moisturizers and toners for Development:

1 +1 = 2. Daily vitamins and nutrients within you, as well as vitamins and nutrients to the outside which is equal to the overall beauty and output. Revolutionary products can both soften skin and moisturize more hydrating, softening and combating serious environmental effects.

What products skincare agree?

The container may be pretty, but it will not do something to alleviate acne problems, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, or replenish moisture and oils to dazzle your complexion. When it comes to cosmetics, like most other things, that’s what’s inside that counts.
If you feel overwhelmed by the large number of product choices available today, and “miracles” in a reputation for making more and more familiar with terms used in cosmetics and its true meaning can be useful to distinguish products are and are not for you.
Cosmetics companies are required to disclose the specific content of its products, the list in order of concentration, more or less. Some terms of aesthetics, however, can be confusing and misleading to the consumer, the words “all natural” and “fragrance free”, for example.
Despite all natural does not mean that the ingredients used are derived from natural sources like plants and other organic matter, use of the term applied to cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA. Some manufacturers of cosmetics did not affect the accuracy or reputation to deceive consumers often by applying the terms of your product.
It should be noted that according to the author and cosmetics expert Paula Begoun, in her book “Do not Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me,” there is no scientific evidence that “natural ingredients” are more beneficial to the skin synthetics.
Products advertised are always fragrance can be used aromatic plant extracts to mask offensive odors resulting from raw materials. These extracts can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. No perfume, it can only mean that the product is free of “significant” aroma. “Irritant-free” is a broader term to find a reliable product.
Alcohol-free products can be free of “grain alcohol, which is drying. However, other forms of alcohol, such as lanolin alcohol or cetearyl alcohol may still be used. For people with sensitive skin, Ms. Begoun suggests using products which are the components of alcohol just before or after the list of preservatives.

Healthy Skin Diet – Use the power of food for healthy skin

A balanced diet and lifestyle shows on the skin and helps keep skin that looks and feels healthy. Experts, such as the American Academy of Dermatology, stating that “A healthy diet is important for improving raw materials for healthy skin.”
The kitchen that choose to consume should give us all the essential vitamins to help with the necessary functions of our body. Foods like carrots, peaches, mangoes, parsley, tomatoes, apricots and spinach contain vitamin A. This vitamin reduces oil production and aid in tissue repair. Oranges contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps eliminate toxins from your system. Zinc is another common antioxidant found in foods such as pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, whole grains and yeast. Food choices such as fish, meat, liver, eggs, whole grains, nuts, avocados and all green leafy vegetables contain vitamin B complex Be sure to include vitamin B complex in your diet helps keep skin healthy skin tone and has the added benefit of reducing stress. A complete system containing a full range of vitamins and antioxidants help to make your skin look and feel much better.
Another suggestion to eat healthy skin is to avoid foods that are made with sugar, white flour and caffeine, such as cakes, cookies, soft drinks and coffee. Most of these foods have little nutritional value, high-calorie foods can aggravate the skin, increasing oil production and even cause failure to appear.

Skin Care Cleaning – The “how” section

The skin is our largest organ, with an average of nineteen square meters and weighs about 7 pounds. The first step to healthy skin is a clean healthy skin.
Begin with a cleaner that is right for your skin type, if it is dry, the combination of fat, normal or sensitive. Bar soaps are usually drying and should be used for the skin of his neck down. A facial cleanser is the best and the formula should not be too hard for your skin type. A good way to know if the cleaner is too strong is that if you leave the skin “cracks” clean. Stripping removes all your skin’s natural oils that act as a protective layer on the skin. If you wear makeup, also wants to make sure you choose a cleaner that effectively removes, or use a separate makeup remover before cleansing skin care.
The best way to wash your face with warm water to remove dirt in the pores. Avoid extremes of temperature, because hot water or cold can cause broken capillaries. Use a small amount of cleaning companies and apply in a circular motion across the face. Rinse several times with hot water, then rinse several times more fresh water to close pores. You can use a washcloth, but must be clean, soft, preferably cotton. You should wash your face twice a day, morning and afternoon. If you wash more often, it is possible to steal the skin of essential oils. The right mix of oil on the skin which enhances their natural beauty. If your skin has very little oil, dried, and if too much oil, clogged pores and spots appear.
The cleaning effectiveness of skin care is the first step in your routine to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Buy skin care healthy and safe and avoid harmful ingredients

The skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs everything you put into it. Lotion skin care, makeup, chemicals and toxins are absorbed through the skin in the same way no-show some care. Function is to protect the skin of our body, helps the immune system and provide a barrier against external aggressions. To fulfill its vital functions that we take care of our skin and provide the nutrients in the form of skin care.
Most skin care, beauty and personal care products contain harmful ingredients that can cause damage to skin, body and health. The food we eat is labeled and have a pretty good idea of what is in our diet. With a little research, it is very easy to make informed decisions and know when you shop. Read labels, stay away from trans fats and processed foods, eat fresh foods and vegetables and lean protein is a good step towards healthy eating.
With cosmetics, beauty and skin care that is not really different. However, the cosmetics and beauty industry is not regulated as the food industry. There are a lot of gray areas. For example, a bottle of natural shampoo may contain only 1% natural ingredients …! There are very few regulations in place as organic or natural labels on containers. So how do you find products skin care are healthy and well nourished skin, hair and body?

What are the effects of alcohol on the skin?

Most of us know that too much alcohol is bad for our health, but few know how damaging to our skin, especially as we age. The truth is that alcohol and aging of the skin is a healthy relationship, and that really speeds up the rate at which the aging of the skin.

In addition to causing health problems such as liver damage and hinders the absorption of calcium, which could lead to osteoporosis, excessive alcohol consumption also causes premature aging. People who drink heavily tend to age twice as fast as those who do not.

Alcohol is bad for the skin because the cells are damaged, dry skin and makes it look opaque and flaky. Most of those who drink also smoke, making the situation even worse. Smoking also has a drying effect on the skin, also deposits of free radicals in your body.

As we all know are very harmful free radicals that cause oxidation, which leads to aging of cells. Drinking in moderation can be allowed, but must stop smoking completely. Has many negative side effects, without any tangible benefits.

Alcohol and the aging of the skin does not go together because you get older, the skin becomes more vulnerable to damage and visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging. Aging reduces the amount of collagen and elastic produced by the body, the amount of hyaluronic acid also decreases and the skin becomes drier and thinner. Therefore, excessive consumption of alcohol at this stage of his life only lead to more sagging and wrinkles.

So instead of drinking, drink plenty of water, the water hydrates the skin and keep pores unplugged. Therefore, the toxins from the body, making the skin look healthy, vibrant and beautiful.

Another group of alcohols that have negative effects on the aging of the skin are found in personal care products, many creams and lotions are full of hard liquor as benzyl, ethyl, isopropyl, methyl alcohol and SD. Using skin creams containing any of these alcohols have the same effect on your skin as ugly as you take by mouth.

To avoid the negative effects of alcohol on the aging of the skin, avoid products containing skin care or other alcohols mentioned above. It is also advisable to avoid anti-aging skin care that contain other chemicals, including parabens, sulfates and mineral oil, because they are all visible signs of aging worse.

Now that you know the truth about alcohol and aging of the skin, you can visit my web site for information about a natural anti-aging brand of skin care that does not contain any chemical or toxin.

Sunscreen – a must for healthy skin

We live in a society where the tan is idolized. Not only teenagers prepare for the ball, but also adults, the desire for a perfectly browned and crunchy skin. To buy this, they often spend large amounts in tanning booths, sun and other forms of ultraviolet light for long periods of time.
Sun exposure is necessary for good health, but excessive exposure can cause skin burns, leading to painful skin, sensitive skin cancer, perhaps. Choose a good sunscreen helps prevent sunburn occurrence. First, what exactly is a sunscreen? Sunscreen is a lotion type product that filters the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reducing damage to skin from overexposure. You’ll see people using the application themselves on beaches and swimming pools. It’s a smart thing to let the sunscreen, because a longer exposure without burning.
Choose an appropriate sunscreen is essential. Try to choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) which is quite high. The more you buy sunscreen SPF, the more you may be exposed to the sun without burning. The burning time is also influenced skin type applicator, for example, if you burn easily, and after twelve minutes of sun exposure, you will need to reapply sunscreen more frequently than someone burning sensation after 30 minutes of exposure.
Sunscreen is also required when swimming and water sports on the outside. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because they are immersed in water that is granted an automatic protection against sunburn. Waterproof sunscreen to protect it while submerged. However, it is necessary to leave the water and reapply sunscreen regularly, and the power of sun protection will be lower, even “waterproof.”
Repeated sunburn can lead to a form of skin disease and even cancer, so you must act now to prevent sunburn occurrence.