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Monthly Archives: August 2012

9 Tips for cleaner, healthier skin

For cleaner, healthier and easier to manage skin just follow this list of nine elements:
1) Reduce your stress level through prayer and meditation. Stress creates hormones that actually age us as they destroy cells and create toxic byproducts and free radicals. Studies have shown that prayer and meditation can reduce our stress levels. Prayer and meditation are proven, even alleviate some symptoms of cancer and other serious illnesses.
2) Drink plenty of water. It is a fact that 90% of us do not drink enough water. For skin cells to function properly and heal properly from cuts, etc. .. we have to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. Our skin is one of our most important organs as it protects us from disease, cushions our falls, etc. .. You need lots of water.
3) Get a good sleep. You do not get good 80-10 hours of sleep per day will be first on your skin. Broken capillaries, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes.
4) Eat well. Get good nutrition. Too much junk food can cause or aggravate skin problems like pimples and acne. A balanced meal three times daily has been shown to help reduce skin problems and help the average peak of the outbreaks of acne vulgaris.
5) Take vitamins to supplement your skin and body. We cannot guarantee that we have 100% of vitamins and minerals to foods we eat, but we cannot take a multivitamin once a day. They are cheap at Walmart and there is no excuse. People who take multivitamins once a day to live longer. It’s a proven fact, as people who smoke years of his life.

Skin – Caring for your feet

The foot care is often a neglected area of our daily routine of body care. These large parts of our body to carry with you (no matter how heavy they are) all day and all they want, often in shoes and socks that are too uncomfortable to even breathe.
When our tired feet, we feel tired general. If this happens a lot, it’s time to apply some much-needed benefits and useful – FT.
First, wear comfortable shoes. I do not know which ones are best for you. Find a partner in your feet feel natural. That alone will make a big difference in how you feel.
Secondly, when you put on socks, which should be of a breathable material. Otherwise, your feet will feel like your hands with latex gloves make for a long period.
Thirdly, the feet, like all parts of your body, deserve some concern. In the evening, just before going to bed, put some lotion or cream on your feet dry and clean. There should be a particular way (as long as there is no conflict areas in the feet), almost any hand cream or body lotion should be done regularly.
The important thing really makes the difference is this: not only is applied. Take a minute or more – two and massage of the feet throughout the area (do not skip a toe!) Apply the lotion, as needed, and enjoy the refreshing feeling to turn your body fatigue .
If nothing else, your hills there will be nothing but dry. It will also be much easier to go to sleep.

Dental Care – Weapon for your dental health

There are several ways to ensure good oral health. We know about oral hygiene from an early age, but do we really know if we do well? Each person is unique and different conditions. Therefore, it is only with proper dental care that you know if they are compatible with it. Here are some of the weapons in the form of information to maintain a healthy mouth.

Oral health needs – see our uniqueness in all aspects. The chemistry of our bodies also varies with the other. Therefore, there are some things we think we need, but the truth is no. A good example is men and women. The man has a constant condition of the teeth, but it depends on your lifestyle. However, a woman who becomes pregnant is unexpected oral health.

The daily habit, brush our teeth today, but forgotten tomorrow. It’s a bad habit. Brushing is the most important and fundamental process that we do every day. What should we do after meals. This is the first point to regulate the growth of bacteria.

Make your own skin care recipes

Have you thought about experimenting with their own recipes natural skin care to combat the dry scaly skin?
You should know that the skin is almost unique. This means you can produce enough oil from the sebaceous glands to make it shine and work perfectly. Problems arise when dry.
With this in mind that there are several ways to order the ingredients already in your home or at the local supermarket.
Remember that what you eat is very important and a poor diet or inadequate nutritional ingredients damage all body parts. To be healthy and have perfect skin to a balanced diet is the first factor to consider. Perfect skin bright can be achieved.
Have you heard about the protein? Well, they are very important for skin regeneration and repair. Processed foods high in preservatives and salt will take moisture from your skin. It can also cause skin, everyone is afraid terrible drought. Why not eat fish (salmon is best), turkey, chicken or include in your diet vegetable protein? Hated all vegetables! Plants contain proteins that is perfect for the body. Avoid frozen foods! The vegetables are especially good, so fresh.