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Monthly Archives: July 2012

How To Naturally Lift The Bladder?

As age advances, there are chances of the bladder falling in women since the tissues, muscles and ligaments that support the bladder becomes weak and it begins to stretch down towards the vagina. This condition is referred to as cystocele in medical terms and in this situation, a bladder lift surgery might be needed for some women. Even this condition can be treated by inserting some form of support through vagina and if the condition is in its initial stage, lifting can be done naturally. Some of the natural methods like usage of estrogenic herbs, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles by way of exercises and maintaining the body weight under control can lift the bladder without the requirement of surgery. When the bladder muscles are not stronger enough, women might face the problem of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Some of the natural methods of lifting are discussed in detail in the content given below:

As mentioned earlier, one of the important reasons for bladder fall is overweight and therefore to take pressure off its muscles, it is better to reduce the weight and this can naturally lift the bladder. Further muscles in and around the bladder can be strengthened with the help of Kegel exercises. Under this method, women will have to contract the muscles used by them for controlling the flow of urine and it should be held in the same position for some second and then it should be relaxed. They can try this out when sitting in the toilet if they have difficulty in identifying the right muscles. Once the area to be tightened is identified, Kegel exercises can be done anywhere and at any time. They can be performed with 10-15 repetitions per set and can be done frequently throughout the day.

Another option available to bladder lift is taking estrogenic herbs that can act like estrogen hormone. This will be helpful since it has been found that SUI occurs on some women when they reach their menopause period where the secretion of estrogen hormone will be lesser. Professionals say that estrogen makes a great contribution towards strengthening of pelvic muscles, which in turn protects the bladder from falling. So, women with this problem can also check with their physician whether estrogenic herbs will be suitable for them.

However, when it comes to contacting medical professionals for problems related to women, it is better to ensure whether the right professional is contacted for avoiding any further health issues.

5 Features That Make Up the Perfect First Aid Kit

First aid is often the most essential aid given to an individual who has suddenly fallen ill or met with an accident. Having a first aid certification is important and putting together a first aid kit is the key to providing proper first aid. It is also good to have a first aid box at home in the event of an accident to provide immediate treatment even before you can reach your health care facility.

First aid kits can be bought from a shop or you can put stuff together to make one. Make sure you include only medicines accepted by the Red Cross. If you choose to make your own kit, here are a few pointers on putting together the perfect first aid kit.

• Box: Get a good sized box, preferably plastic as it is water proof. A sturdy metal box can also do. The box should be big enough to include all the medications and supplies and must close and open easily.

• Supplies: There are certain supplies that are typical to a first aid box and must be included, such as cotton, self-adhesive bandages, medical tape, gauze, etc. Antiseptic ointments are necessary for treating burn victims. Thermometer and scissors are also standard supplies. Face masks and gloves are also needed as they are useful while treating patients specially while administering CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

• Medicines:Medicines for cold, fever, diarrhea and pain are generally most used and should be included in every first aid box. Specific medicines that are typical to your family’s your health condition must also be added. If you are a person with asthma, diabetes or hypertension, your own specific medications should be kept in stock for emergency cases. The same thing goes for other family members. And make sure that all medicines are of reliable brands and within their date of usage. Using expired medications can be very harmful.

• First aid box size: The first aid box should be big enough to include a complete inventory of necessary supplies and medicines. It is a good idea to keep a complete kit at home while having a smaller one with only major supplies to take along with you or keep in your car. If your health condition is not good, keep a pouch with your important medicines with you at all times.

• Comments:Attach a couple of pages with comments in your first aid box. The notes should include emergency contact numbers of doctors and lists of any allergies that your family members may have. It is always good to have a list of all the supplies written down.

Regularly check the contents of the first aid box to get rid of the expired medicines and put in fresh one instead. This is to avoid giving the wrong or expired medicine to a victim in emergency situations. The Red Cross recommends that you should have enough material and medicines in your box to last family members and you for a minimum of one week. Following the above pointers you can put together a perfect first aid box, customized to the health needs of your family.


Coffee and Other “Energy” Drinks

What is a drug? My definition of a drug is somewhat original: In the land of qi, a food is any ingestible that the body can use to build cells, while a drug is any substance that stimulates the release of qi.

Coffee is one such substance. To understand exactly how coffee operates on the qi level, you need to know that there are five types of qi (water qi, wood qi, fire qi, earth qi, and metal qi). Of these five, coffee primarily stimulates water qi release.

What does this mean? It means that the qi system reacts to the presence of caffeine by releasing water qi into the mind and body. In turn, this water qi increases the activity level of all the systems of the mind and body that run on water qi.

Let’s look at some examples. Water qi directs the adrenal glands, which is why coffee acts as a stimulant. Water qi also runs the kidneys and urinary bladder, which is why coffee often has people running for the bathroom.

Caffeine’s stimulant effect is consistent with water qi’s associated mental state: attention. Attention means alertness, or awareness of the surrounding environment. Overdone, this alertness can create something of a twitchy feeling. In fact, panic attacks are themselves an extreme form of excess water qi. (I myself have dealt with panic attacks in the past and was able to use qi theory to largely eliminate them. I will talk more about this in a future post.)

The point is that drugs as I’ve defined them act to imbalance one’s qi state. The way we experience an imbalance is what I call an “indicator.” Even if the indicator is as mild as the need to run to the bathroom more than usual, the mere fact of qi imbalance is obviously not a good thing. More importantly, using even a mild drug on a regular basis will gradually deplete one’s qi stores, in this case one’s store of water qi. In turn, depleted qi is at the root of most chronic illness for the simple reason that without sufficient qi, the body is forced to under-fuel one system or another.

Using even a mild drug on a regular basis will gradually deplete one’s qi stores.

“Energy drinks,” so called, fall under similar indictment as most of them also rely on caffeine to provide their primary boost. In addition, many add insult to qi injury with heaps of sugar (as do a lot of modern coffee drinks). Sugar itself is very much a drug in qi terms as the sweet flavor stimulates the release of earth qi. In turn, earth qi fuels the pancreas, which is where the link between sugar consumption and diabetes comes from.

Of course, there are many other strange (and wonderful?) ingredients in energy drinks, things like guarana, ginseng, gingko biloba, yerba mate, and so on, too many to assess right now. But I will make one global observation on the subject of nutrition: The healthy body doesn’t need “special foods.” It will function very nicely on simple, whole, clean (i.e., organic) foods.

So, while you’re chewing on that tidbit, you might want to see if you can learn to wake up the old-fashioned way, by getting to bed early and giving your mind-body as much sleep as it needs (see Sleep Long and Prosper).

Let me know your “energy drink” of choice and the pros and cons you’ve experienced with it.


Dental Center of Health Care

After practicing dentistry for 28 years, I can say that today’s dental patients are the lucky ones in the history of the patients. There are so many options available to dental problems and a very high success rate.

Gum disease

We learned a lot about the causes of gum disease and treatments are available. Of course, the best way to prevent periodontal disease with good home care. Once you have gum disease can be treated with antibiotics under the gumline. New mouthwash may be prescribed to prevent the bacteria under control, but if you need a gum surgery, we now have new surgical procedures that preserve most of their gums instead of eliminating the bad parts of the gums. Not all Periodontists are familiar with these new surgical techniques, so be sure to ask about this before your treatment.

The lack of teeth

Since there are so many ways to replace missing teeth and ensure that your dentist is up to date on the new dentistry. Missing teeth can be replaced by permanent or removable substitutes. Removable replacements can be flexible or rigid material. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Also the clips that can be kept in metal or it may appear from the gums. Ask your dentist to show you examples of each. No removable replacements can be done with implants or crowns. Crowns require holes in the teeth and the implants are placed in the bone. Today, implants can last longer than the crown and not rotten teeth with crowns on them.


The teeth are moved with traditional equipment with the child and can be moved with clear aligners. Gutters are not noticeable on the teeth and are made using computer-aided design. At our office, we can make two types of braces, and sometimes we make small temporary implants to help move the teeth. Once your problem is evaluated, can tell you what options are available for you to make a decision. After completing your orthodontic treatment, we can make a clear statement that is almost invisible.