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20 foods that trigger migraines

trigger migraines

A big fish wanted to know what family foods can trigger painful migraine attacks, and this could also claim a reference on the table for everyone, because migraines are so common today. But food triggers are not beginning and end, because there are stress associations and emotional inputs, hormonal influences and a number of medications.

The most common foods that can cause complexity (but sometimes affect the person in the name of others) include:

* Peanuts and peanut butter

* Caffeine in all products, not just coffee

* the milk products

* Soy products, as well as beans themselves

* Sodium nitrate, used to keep hot dogs, bacon and sausages

* Benzoic acid additive and related compounds

* MSG normal way instead of monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer that is present in almost universal is applied in almost all processed foods

* Livers of birds

* Ripe banana


* Breads

* Cured cheese, ie cheddar

* Red wines, beer, champagne, vermouth

* chocolate


* Mold

* Various grains (including peanuts), and broad, lime, Italian, lentils, soy, peas

* Lawyers

* Dried meat


* Pickled herring

* Canned soups and mixes for packet soups

And if the file is too long, there are other food triggers, but the new useful ones are most of the document is highly processed and manufactured food, so they are not too difficult to identify, test and eliminate. Diet.

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