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12 effective natural remedies for Liver Diseases

The liver in the body is an important organ and has an important role in body detoxification, hormone production, synthesis of plasma proteins and biochemical production required for digestion. Therefore, liver is an essential organ in the body. Any disturbance in liver function may cause disease.

Since the liver performs many important functions in the body, liver disease can cause significant damage to the body. Liver disease is also known as liver disease. In this regard, the decrease in liver function can cause potential hazards. Damage to this vital organ can be by cells of inflammation, obstruction of the flow of bile, cholesterol buildup, damage to the liver tissues and disruption of blood flow to the liver. The causes of liver diseases could be the following:

1. Alcohol: This is one of the most common causes of liver disease. Alcohol can cause inflammation and dysfunction of this vital organ.

2. Medications: Some medications can cause liver damage.

3. Cirrhosis liver scarring and loss of cell function can cause failure.

Each type has its own treatment of disease. Some problems are treated with medications, while some may require surgery. Transplant may be necessary if there is liver failure. Remedies for liver diseases are available to cure this condition. Some of the herbal remedies for this disease:

1. Fumaria officinalis: Its used as a tonic and diuretic.

2. Wild Indigo: Used mainly in liver problems in cirrhosis and viral hepatitis.

3. Rheum Emodi: This helps in disorders of the spleen and liver.

4. Milk Thistle: It is one of the herbal remedies for liver diseases such as hepatitis. It can also lead to the strengthening of this vital organ.

5. Valerian: This herb has an antispasmodic effect and is useful in liver problems.

6. Licorice Root: Licorice has anti-inflammatory properties and slows the deterioration of the liver.

7. Dandelion: Use the dandelion to make herbal tea. Stimulates liver and helps in detoxifying the liver.

8. Chicory: The chicory juice promotes secretion of bile and is good for the liver.

9. Gokulakanta: This is used to treat liver problems such as hepatitis and jaundice and therefore one of the herbal remedies for this disease.

10. Chamomile: This herb has cooling properties and is used to cleanse the liver and reduce inflammation in the body.

11. Dong Quai: This herb is effective against long-term infections of the liver. Is used in combination with other herbs for treatment of chronic liver disorders.

12. Wolfberry: This has been used to protect the liver for centuries in China.

Some of these herbs, if taken in excess can cause damage or taken under certain conditions. It is therefore advisable to take these herbs under supervision.

Apart from these remedies for diseases of the liver, drink plenty of water and completely remove the alcohol. Eating foods rich in protein and avoid fatty foods and fats in your diet. Papaya is said to be very beneficial and helps to reduce all kinds of liver problems. Many herbal supplements are available in markets that are made of different combinations of herbs that help the liver function.

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